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26th May 2018


APC Government's Dual Citizenship Crap Will Divide Sierra Leone Forever!

By Abu Shaw in London (18/01/18)

The cruel APC government of Ernest Koroma's ploy on the Dual Citizenship will not succeed as Sierra Leone will never be divided by the APC.

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Cocky APC Petitions the NGC Leader’s MP Nomination on the Dual Citizenship Trap!

By Sheriff M. Ismail (22/01/18)

Cocky but jittery APC government has continued its crooked politics by petitioning the victory of the NGC leader on the dual citizenship crap.

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IMF Suspends $224M Election Funds for President Koroma's Corrupt APC!

By a press release (01/02/18)

President Ernest Koroma's APC is paying heavy price for the rampant corruption in the APC government as IMF unleashes sucker punch! 

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Cocky APC Regrets Dual Citizenship as Samura Promises to Review 1991 Act!

By a press release (20/01/18)

Cocky but jittery APC is having a re-think on the disastrous Dual Citizenship issue as the ruling party promises to review the 1991 Act.

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President Trump's Malaria Initiative to Sierra Leone as New USA Envoy Jets In

By a press release (25/09/17)

In 'Yumkella's Cross-Cutting Appeal and the 2018 Elections', the genius Dr. Jimmy Kandeh outlines why APC should be afraid of KKY.

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Chinese Ark Peace Hospital Ship Treats over 7000 Patients in Freetown

By a press release (05/10/17)

It was heaven sent when the Chinese Medical Ship berthed in Freetown to provide first class one week treatment to the sick in Sierra Leone.

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NGC Leader Accuses APC, SLPP of Duplicity and Clears Dual Citizenship Air!

By a press release (20/01/18)

The National Grand Coalition presidential candidate has accused the ruling APC and the SLPP party of duplicity on the dual citizenship issue.

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Keeping Yumkella Out of the Race May Land the APC 'Supreme Leader' at the ICC!

By Dr. Jimmy D. Kandeh (26/01/18)

The Organiser newspaper publishes this brilliant piece by Dr. Jimmy Kandeh. A must read as Sierra Leone gets set for the March 7 elections.

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British High Court Judge Adjudicates the African Minerals Case in a Freetown Court! 

By a press release (03/02/18)

British High Court Judge has made legal history as he travelled to Sierra Leone as part of a lawsuit against mining giant African Minerals.

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Sierra Leone Foreign Minister Alie Kabba Touches on 'Impact of Global Migration'

By a press release (26/05/18)

Sierra Leone Foreign Minister Alie Kabba reiterates the need to build partnerships and strengthen corporation on international migration.

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34,103 Complaint Cases in England and Wales Recorded by the Police Forces!

By a press release (01/02/18)

Police complaints in England and Wales have revealed that police forces have recorded a total of 34,103 complaint cases for 2016-17. 

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Homebase & Diaspora Feud Escalates as APC Takes KKY to the Supreme Court!! 

By Abu Shaw in London (07/02/18)

Sierra Leone is so divided at present that observers fear the jittery APC government is woefully planting seeds of hate, discord and future violence. 

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1958 -1980


Six Failings of SLPP Government's Inauguration at the Siaka Stevens Stadium!

By Fuad Y. Bangura (21/05/18)

President Julius Maada Bio's Inauguration on May 12 at the Siaka Stevens Stadium has come and gone but more organisational questions remain.

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SLPP Party is on Fire! An Advice to President Julius Maada Bio!!

By Angry SLPP Supporter (21/05/18)

Good Morning Mr. President, it is true that power comes from God but don't forget that He uses people to bring it to fulfilment.

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