19th November 2017


British Accidental Hero,22, Halts Cyber Attack and Warns: ‘This is Not Over’

By a press release (14/05/17)

The British expert who stopped spread of attack by activating software’s ‘kill switch’ says criminals will ‘change the code and start again’.

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Chinese Team & Works Ministry Survey Mamamah Airport & Hill Station

By Press Release (05/05/16)

The infrastructural development of the government has been very impressive. The Works Ministry is helping to make this dream a reality.

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Ernest, Erdogan Agree to Establish Embassies in Sierra Leone and Turkey

By a press release (20/05/17)

Sierra Leone and Turkey will soon establish their respective embassies in both countries after President Ernest Koroma’s recent official visit.

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Abu Shaw Incredibly Proud to Join the All Peoples Congress Party

By Press Release (03/05/16)

Abu Shaw, the CEO, Proprietor, Publisher and Editor of theorganiser.net newspaper is now a full-fledged member of the ruling APC.

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SLPP Chairman Kapen Blasts SLPP Diaspora for Fermenting Trouble

By Mustapha Wai (05/05/16)

The SLPP Chairman Chief Kapen has described his party supporters in the Diaspora as trouble makers for their country, Sierra Leone.

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May 11 is a Reflection on the Injustices by Marley's Timeless Songs

By Ahmed S. Nasralla (22/05/17)

Yes, he was identified with marijuana but reggae legend and social commentator Bob Robert Nester Marley's life was not about 'ganja'.

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President Koroma Gets More Supports from the Saudi and Turkey Tours

By a press release (16/05/17)

As President Ernest Koroma rounds up his Saudi Arabia and Turkey tours, the leader has been given more boosts to improve Sierra Leone.

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Tracing the Roots of the Lebanese in Sierra Leone During the 19th Century

By a press release (18/05/17)

The first Lebanese arrived in Sierra Leone in 1893 and were identified as Syrians because Lebanon was effectively part of the state of Syria.

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Ethiopia Remembers Castro with 21-Gun Salute in Addis Ababa

By Press Release (12/12/16)

Ethiopia held an event in the capital, Addis Ababa, to commemorate the death of former Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. 

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Tribute to Late Dr. Mohamed Alpha Bah, the Unassuming Professor of History

By Dr. Alusine Jalloh (18/05/17)

I first came to know Dr. Mohamed Alpha Bah, better known as Alpha Bah, through my late oldest brother, Dr. Chernor M. Jalloh, Esq.

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Sierra Leone Community Chair in Turkey Views ‘New Diamond’ Religiously!

By a press release (20/05/17)

A must read piece by the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Community in Turkey about how he views the newly found diamond in Kono.

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Donald Trump’s Speech in Saudi Arabia Witnessed by President Koroma

By Emma Stefansky (22/05/17)

Days after leaving Riyadh, President Ernest Koroma was invited again by the King to witness US President Donald Trump’s historic speech.

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1958 -1980


Who Erects the Bankasoka Hydro in Port Loko, APC or KKY?

By a Guest Editor (16/11/17)

Both the ruling APC and the KKY Movement are claiming responsibility of Bankasoka! Who is saying the truth? Sierra Leoneans want to know!

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Manifest Anti-Corruption to Win the March 7, 2018 Polls!

By Abu Shaw in London (16/11/17)

Corruption is very endemic in Sierra Leone's political history! Regretably, my APC party and the main opposition SLPP party are guilty of rife corruption!!

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