24th September 2017


$31M World Bank Loan to Boosts Fibre Optic Super Communications

By Press Release (14/12/16)

Serious boosts for Fibre Optic Cable super highway communications in Sierra Leone, thanks to the World Bank financial loan investment.

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2018 Elections: Two Diasporans Sue NEC for Denying Them Voting Rights!!

By the Ranger (28/05/17)

Two Sierra Leoneans in the United States have reportedly sued the National Electoral Commission (NEC) for denying them rights to vote. 

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12 Young Sierra Leone Leaders Attend 2016 Mandela Fellowship in US

By Ahmed S. Nasralla (25/06/16)

Great opportunity for young leaders in Sierra Leone who are joining others from Africa to attend this year's Mandela Fellowship in Washington.

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Libya Terror Link Salman Abedi, 22, is the Manchester Suicide Bomber!!

By a press release (24/05/17)

Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya is still haunting Britain after a British born of Libyan heritage detonated a suicide bomb killing 22 in Manchester.

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Energy Projects Maintain by Japan & Senegal Nationals! Why Not Locals?

Asks Mahmud T. Kargbo (01/06/17)

Sierra Leone energy projects cannot depend on foreigners forever. Sierra Leoneans must be trained to take over the future engineering.

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Nigeria’s Amina Mohammed is New UN Deputy Secretary General

By Press Release (26/12/16)

The United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said Nigeria’s Environment Minister Amina Mohammed will be his Deputy.

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President Ernest Koroma Urged to Lift Ban on Overseas Employment

By Press Release (30/05/16)

President Ernest Koroma has been urged to lift the blanket ban on overseas employment on International Workers Day.

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Information Minister Pursues China's Digital Investment for SLBC

By John B. Sesay (23/06/16)

China's digital technology has become very attractive in third world countries. Sierra Leone is leading the queue to grab this opportunity.

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Information Minister Bangura Cleverly Sells Sierra Leone Globally

By Emmanuel Stafford (28/06/16)

The ruling APC party 2012 elections campaign was mainly anchored on the slogan 'Action Betteh Pass Intention'.

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Marie Stopes Clinic Sierra Leone Debunks the Fake HIV Positive Report!!!

By the Ranger (28/05/17)

Marie Stopes Sierra Leone has debunked a fake report circulating on social media carrying a list of names of people that are HIV positive.

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"We Respect IMF/World Bank over Mamamah Airport," Foreign Minister

By Press Release (25/06/16)

The Sierra Leone government has confirmed that the country has always abide by the dictates laid down by the IMF and World Bank.

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United Nations Conclude Two Day Peace Building in Sierra Leone

By State House Release (28/06/16)

The Global Peace Index report clearly shows that Sierra Leone has beaten Ghana to become the most peaceful country in West Africa.

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1958 -1980


Local Content Policy is Excellent Achievement for Ernest

By Ranger, Guest Editor (03/09/17)

One of the good things under the present APC administration is ushering the Local Content Act that empowers local businesses to excel.

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Sierra Leone and China: Who Owns the Toll Road from Hastings to Masiaka?

Asks Pastor Mohamed Sesay (03/09/17)

This is the question being asked by Sierra Leoneans after the Chinese started collecting monies in the name of Toll Road Tax.

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