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25th June 2018


Commonwealth Heads of State in London as Theresa May Happily Welcomes Gambia

By a press release (17/04/18)

Theresa May spoke to the Joint Plenary Forum at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting 2018 in London and welcomed Gambia.

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Unpopular Speech: Educated Women have Fewer Children and are Healthier - Bio!

By Abu Shaw in London (19/04/18)

Has President Maada Bio's speech in London alluding that 'educated women with fewer children have healthier children' a miscalculation?

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President Bio in Qatar to Discuss Education, Trade, Agriculture, Tourism, Others.

By a press release (22/04/18)

After a successful Commonwealth Summit in London, President Julius Maada Bio arrived in Doha, Qatar to discuss youth employment, trade etc.

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Very Useful Medical Information on First Aid that can Save Lives at no Cost at All!

By Dr. Viren (18/04/18)

First Aid is a significant medical tool that can save lives at no cost but generally First Aid is not given the importance it deserves in society. 

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New York City Mice Carry Life-Threatening and Dangerous Bacteria, Study Finds!

By Carl Campanile (20/04/18)

A new study in New York City has found that mice carry life-threatening, disease-causing bacteria - and some may be resistant to antibiotics.

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The American Government Deports Father of Two to Gambia in West Africa!

By Melissa Siegler (26/04/18)

After more than 20 years in the United States, a Wisconsin man was deported to the West African state of Gambia, according to federal agency.

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Prime Minister May Apologises for the Racist Maltreatment of Windrush Generation!

By a press release (18/04/18)

Theresa May has apologised to 12 Caribbean leaders for the treatment of Windrush citizens promising that no one would be deported.

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Bio & Commonwealth Leaders May Choose Prince Charles to Succeed the Queen!

By a press release (20/04/18)

President Julius Maada Bio joins Commonwealth leaders today to probably choose Prince Charles to succeed his mother, the Queen.

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Bio Romances the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry Investors 

By a press release (27/04/18)

President Julius Maada Bio has told members of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry that Sierra Leone is unique for private investors.

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Bio's 8-Man and 5-Man Historic Delegations Attend Commonwealth and Washington!

By Abu Shaw in London (18/04/18)

Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio is in London to attend the Commonwealth Summit as others head for the US capital Washington.

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Sierra Leone Flag Flying Upside Down in Washington and London! Surprise!!

By Abu Shaw in London (21/04/18)

President Julius Maada Bio of the SLPP government has shown strange things since assuming power, latest being our Flag flying upside down!

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Britain in Africa: $1 Trillion of Africa's Oil, Gold, Diamonds, Coal, Platinum Laid Bare!

By Mark Curtis (30/04/18)

London Stock Exchange firms control over $1trillion worth of Africa’s resources in five commodities - oil, gold, diamonds, coal and platinum. 

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1958 -1980


Elitism and the Growing Protests Spoiling the SLPP Party: Six Good Reasons Why!

By Fuad Y. Bangura (21/06/18)

While I remain very optimistic that the New Direction agenda has a great potential to transform this country, I must express my dissatisfaction NOW.

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Cristiano Ronaldo's Vital Lesson! How Many Will Appreciate a Friend's Help?

By Special Commentary (21/06/18)

This piece is worth reading by everyone whether you are sportive or not. It is about football star Cristiano Ronaldo's vital lesson.

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