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20th April 2018


Commonwealth Heads of State in London as Theresa May Happily Welcomes Gambia

By a press release (17/04/18)

Theresa May spoke to the Joint Plenary Forum at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting 2018 in London and welcomed Gambia.

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Unpopular Speech: Educated Women have Fewer Children and are Healthier - Bio!

By Abu Shaw in London (19/04/18)

Has President Maada Bio's speech in London alluding that 'educated women with fewer children have healthier children' a miscalculation?

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Sierra Leone Soldier Trains at Sandhurst Academy in England after 20 Years!

By a press release (19/09/17)

A Sierra Leonean soldier has been selected for the first time in 20 years to train at the famous Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in England.

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Very Useful Medical Information on First Aid that can Save Lives at no Cost at All!

By Dr. Viren (18/04/18)

First Aid is a significant medical tool that can save lives at no cost but generally First Aid is not given the importance it deserves in society. 

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Sierra Leone Envoy Delighted to Host Nigeria and Senegal Envoys in Seoul

By Peter Hyunji Lee (10/01/18)

Sierra Leone's ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Omrie Michael Golley has recently played host to the ambassadors of Senegal and Nigeria.

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APC's Dual Citizenship Trash was Foreseen by the Late SLPP Leader Tejan Kabbah!

By Abu Shaw in London (16/01/18)

The Organiser newspaper editor is not a fan of the late President Kabbah due to his SLPP government's unjust persecutions of the innocent in 1998.

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Prime Minister May Apologises for the Racist Maltreatment of Windrush Generation!

By a press release (18/04/18)

Theresa May has apologised to 12 Caribbean leaders for the treatment of Windrush citizens promising that no one would be deported.

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US Judge Sentences Ex-Guinean Minister for Bribery. A Lesson for Africa?

By a press release (13/09/17)

A court in Philadelphia has passed a 7-year prison sentence on a former corrupt Guinean Minister Mahmoud Thiam for bribery convictions.

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Organiser Disagrees that Dual Citizenship Exacerbated Death of Dr. Porter in Canada!

By Pastor M. Sesay (18/01/18)

The Organiser newspaper takes exception to this article written by Pastor Mohamed Sesay blaming Dr. Porter's death on dual citizenship!

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Bio's 8-Man and 5-Man Historic Delegations Attend Commonwealth and Washington!

By Abu Shaw in London (18/04/18)

Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio is in London to attend the Commonwealth Summit as others head for the US capital Washington.

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APC's Power Shamble as Turkish Ship Contracted $200M to Electrify Freetown!

By John Ngegba (12/01/18)

The emergency electricity contract between the ruling APC and a Turkish ship to provide power to selected parts of Freetown is a shamble.

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APC Government's Dual Citizenship Crap Will Divide Sierra Leone Forever!

By Abu Shaw in London (18/01/18)

The cruel APC government of Ernest Koroma's ploy on the Dual Citizenship will not succeed as Sierra Leone will never be divided by the APC.

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1958 -1980


Freedom is Here! Tyranny is Dead in Sierra Leone!!

By Elkass Sannoh (18/04/18)

We campaigned on a platform of CHANGE demanded for by majority of Sierra Leoneans.

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If you Think Life does not Offer People Second Chance, think Maada Bio!

By Alpha Zakir Naik (18/04/18)

President Julius Maada Bio left power under controversial circumstances and moved away to seek greener pastures.

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