19th November 2017

APC UK/I Ladies Clever Drive to Recruit Women to Join the Mighty Party

By a press release (11/07/17)

Ladies of the APC UK/Ireland continue to lure more dedicated and selfless women to join the mighty APC party to work globally.


Below is a release signed by Mariatu Sesay, the founder of the APC Ladies @ Work & Welfare Team APC UK & Ireland (pictured), where she writes: 

May I kindly advise all women's out there to please rethink and readjust their daily activities and rejoin/join the mighty APC Party which comprises the women's wing, the youth wing and main regional branches of all chapters and the newly formed APC Ladies at work globally.

I want to encourage every single Lady especially the New Generation and distinguish elders that women are not created to be only in the kitchen. However, we are created to serve humanity with care in all aspects of human life. Therefore, our voices must be heard in all political cylinders in Mama Salone and the Diaspora.

We are the mothers, sisters, aunties, nieces and grandmothers of our leaders and potential leaders. Therefore, we must ensure that we commit ourselves into all party activities to ensure that the mighty APC remains in governance come 2018.

To achieve this, we must register our membership to the party both home and the Diaspora. For example, in the UK membership/registration process cost £15 plus one passport photo. 

Membership forms are currently available at all chapters within the UK/I branches. Please ensure that you register so that your voices will be heard in the four corners of the corridors of politics.

Please note:

Most significantly, there is a disparity between the Women's Wing & the APC Ladies at Work. Full details of the aims and objectives of the APC Ladies at Work (ALW) will be posted in due course. We are currently acting as an auxiliary steering wheel to all wings in the Diaspora as well as Mama Salone

Also, kindly keep an eye on the flyers for the forthcoming APC UK/I Inauguration Dinner & Dance.

For more information about ticketing & contact all executive members within the U.K. Branch.

Kindest Regards to comrades all and potential APC members. Peace, Stay Focus and Pay Attention


Mariatu Sesay, Founder: APC Ladies @ Work & Welfare Team APC UK & Ireland 


1958 -1980


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