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24th May 2018

The Egyptian Clinic is a Blessing for the Poor Residents in Kenema District

By Philip Koroma (03/07/17)

Poor residents in Kenema remain very grateful to the Egyptian Clinic especially after recently establishing a branch in Kenema Town.


After the outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Sierra Leone which exposed the country's weak health system, several non-governmental organisations and health care providers have been established to compliment the efforts of government hospitals to usher quality health service delivery affordable and accessible to all. (Pictured: Egypt President El-Sisi). 

The Egyptian Clinic in Kenema is one non-governmental organisation health care service provider that is certified and recognised by the Sierra Leone government via the Medical and Dental Council and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. It has successfully served the Kenema residents for over eight years.

The Egyptian Clinic has trained expatriate medical doctors from Egypt and local support staff with high level of potency and dedication in managing the diseases and reducing the level of infection throughout the southeast and beyond.

The Egyptian Clinic has been in operation in Freetown, Bo and Kono and it has recently established its branch in Kenema situated at 3 Kengeh Street. The establishment of the Egyptian Clinic will ease the transportation burdens on poor residents in Kenema who previously travelled to Bo for medical attention.

The Egyptian Clinic offers affordable clinical laboratory test for malaria, typhoid, urine, stool etc. and bio chemistry analyser that conducts over 40 test including lever, heart, kidney, blood haemoglobin etc.

Diagnosis for acute and chronic asthmatic conditions, oxygen machine for life supporting for difficult breathing, ECG for chest complaints are all available. Also available are spacious outpatients with one man sit accommodation, male and female dripping rooms equipped with new medical beds to comfort patients under observation and VIP provision for special cases.

At the Egyptian Clinic, doctors carry out thorough observations and examinations and the good news is it is free. And patients can only pay for prescribed drugs by the doctor in charge.


1958 -1980


Six Failings of SLPP Government's Inauguration at the Siaka Stevens Stadium!

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President Julius Maada Bio's Inauguration on May 12 at the Siaka Stevens Stadium has come and gone but more organisational questions remain.

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SLPP Party is on Fire! An Advice to President Julius Maada Bio!!

By Angry SLPP Supporter (21/05/18)

Good Morning Mr. President, it is true that power comes from God but don't forget that He uses people to bring it to fulfilment.

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