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22nd April 2018

2018 Elections: Two Diasporans Sue NEC for Denying Them Voting Rights!!

By the Ranger (28/05/17)

Two Sierra Leoneans in the United States have reportedly sued the National Electoral Commission (NEC) for denying them rights to vote. 


This landmark case was made possible by Abdul Kabba of 3946 Whispering Meadow Drive, Maryland and Abibatu Bangura of 3743 Mentone Avenue, Los Angeles, California who have instructed their solicitor in Freetown, Francis Ben Keifala Esq., to issue out a writ of summons in the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone against the Chief Commissioner and the National Elections Commission NEC. (Pictured: NEC boss N'Ali Conteh).

The motion which originated in the Office of the Master and Registrar dated April 18th 2017 pleads with the Supreme Court to slam an interim injunction on the Chief Electoral Commissioner and the National Electoral Commission (NEC) from concluding the ongoing national voter registration exercise until their plea to be registered to vote as non-resident citizens, like every other citizen, is heard.

The argument of the two appellants is that they are entitled to be registered to vote in the 2018 elections pursuant to section 31 and 33, Act No. 6 of the 1991 Sierra Leone Constitution.

Accordingly, they beg the court to implore the respondents to comply with their statutory duty, pursuant to section 18 of the Public Elections Act 2012 by making provision for registration of Diaspora Sierra Leoneans and for NEC to enable them to vote outside of Sierra Leone.

The appellants’ solicitor in his affidavit to the court further pleads for a speedy hearing of the matter. He also asks for the cost of the action to be borne by the respondents.

Sierra Leoneans residing in other parts of the world are monitoring this case closely as it outcome would have an impact in exercising their electoral franchise. 


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