19th November 2017

Ernest, Erdogan Agree to Establish Embassies in Sierra Leone and Turkey

By a press release (20/05/17)

Sierra Leone and Turkey will soon establish their respective embassies in both countries after President Ernest Koroma’s recent official visit.


It was confirmed when the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently welcomed our able and loving President Ernest Bai Koroma, who was in Turkey for an official visit. (Pictured: President Koroma and President Erdogan in Turkey).

President Koroma was welcomed by Erdoğan at the gate of the Presidency Complex. Following the ceremonies of President Erdogan and Koroma, the national anthems of the two countries were played. Flags and soldiers representing the 16 Turkish states established in history were in display.

President Erdogan and President Koroma later went on to negotiate between heads and delegations. The negotiation included the establishment of a Sierra Leone Embassy in Turkey, same as Turkey in Sierra Leone. Trading opportunities, investment, Turkish Airlines to Sierra Leone, and above all a strong and healthy relationship between the two countries, were high on the agenda. 

The Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Berat Albayrak, Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of Education Ismet Yılmaz, Presidential Secretary General Fahri Kasırga and other officials and our Sierra Leone delegation were present.

A joint press conference with President Koroma after a meeting between the delegations and heads of state was organised, followed by an official dinner for the honour of President Koroma.

Sierra Leone President Koroma paid a visit to the Parliament Speaker Ahmet Aydin as part of his official visits. President further stated: "We are aware and appreciate that the Turkish nation is working to strengthen against difficult circumstances under a strong leadership." Mr. Aydin stated: “We want to strengthen every area related to Sierra Leone.”

At the press conference after the acceptance, President Erdogan announced that they were withdrawing diplomatic visas with Sierra Leone. Source: http://www.haberoran.com/sierra-leone-ile-vizeler-kaldirildi-7713.

He emphasized that they wanted to strengthen each area in relation to Sierra Leone. "I believe that parliamentary relations will strengthen in the coming period with the establishment of a friendship group in Sierra Leone Parliament." 

Ahmet Aydin said that they are pleased to learn that the Ebola epidemic, which caused a lot of rocks in Sierra Leone, is over. 

Aydin explains that Turkey is in serious assistance with international organisations in terms of bilateral relations and Sierra Leone who has a difficult period in this issue. "We also sincerely wish to support the achievement of development goals of friends and sister countries like Sierra Leone. 

President Koroma stated that the relations between the two countries will be strengthened as a result of the visit. "We are thankful at the level of UN and international organisations for their support to Turkey in the difficult times of Ebola virus and we are aware and appreciate that the Turkish nation is trying to strengthen against difficult situations under strong leadership. 

There is a relationship between Turkey and Africa that comes from Ottoman times, and this is still a valid relationship, especially with the help and support of the current President," President Koroma concluded.


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