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26th May 2018

Sierra Leone Community Chair in Turkey Views ‘New Diamond’ Religiously!

By a press release (20/05/17)

A must read piece by the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Community in Turkey about how he views the newly found diamond in Kono.


He is Victor Sullay Kamara who is also the president of the African Students Association in Turkey. From Turkey, he writes: This diamond has its own unique history. Why? Because I think in the two holy books i.e. Quran and the Bible have verses about 7 like to forgive someone 7 times, on the 7th day God rested. (Pictured: The APC party of old).

The Diamond was found by a pastor, a spiritual man having faith in God, in 2017. 7 is included in the year it was found though I can't remember the exact date itself.

Then the highest bidder for the diamond bought it with 777777 with only one 0 - zero. The 7s are 6 in numbers. But wait hmmm! Above all the diamond is also 709 carats. 

What message is the diamond sending to us? Let's look at our President Ernest Bai Koroma and the work of God the Almighty. It is said that on the 6th day God finished creating everything on earth and rested on the 7th day.

President Koroma in his 60s will finish serving his nation or what I may call building/recreating his nation. Married his helper Mrs. Sia Koroma in 1986 and as he is turning to 70 he will now rest from recreating his nation.

In my dream in 2006, I saw late the APC Chairman President Siaka Stevens being welcomed by hundreds of old people majority of them were old women. They were standing down in one of our riverbanks in my home town of Kamakwie (meaning ‘where do you stand?’ 

These old women were holding what we called locally "fanner" and they were chanting "welcome back Papa Siaka." Siaka Stevens was in a long white dress and he didn't say anything while he was crossing the river towards were I was standing looking at what was happening. 

The moment he finished crossing the river, walking towards me on the other side of the riverbank, I woke up suddenly from my dream.

The next day I told my parents about the dream and they advised me to put faith in what I saw. The victory of President Koroma APC in 2007 was shown to me in my dream. 

In 2006, I dreamt the welcome of APC in power in Sierra Leone. At his 60, Ernest Bai Koroma will finish his work. In 2007 God brought his messenger Ernest Bia Koroma into power.

In 2017 Ernest Bai Koroma will be resting from the task God gave him to do for his nation. In 2017, a pastor found a diamond in Kono. 

This is telling us that we should respect any leader that is given to us. Ernest Bai Koroma in particular should be given a special attention on basis as I mentioned above. Even this idea and understanding of what I am writing here and you're reading were all destined to be in 2006-2017. Six and seven are important numbers spiritually and physically. 

God, please bless my nation, my people of today and tomorrow to the next generations yet to come. Bring us into one purpose and focus. Give us the strength and energy to make our nation greater as you wish it to be. Amen.

Courtesy: Victor Sullay Kamara, writer and dreamer and Chairman of the Sierra Leone Community in Turkey and President of the African Students Association in Turkey.


1958 -1980


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