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24th May 2018

Alie Kabba's SLPP Campaign Team Falls Apart in the United States

By Abu Shaw in London (17/12/15)

Barely two weeks after the Alie Kabba campaign team lost its versatile Chairman in London reports say his team in the US has fallen apart.

Reliable sources from America have confirmed that Mr. Alie Kabba, aspiring for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party flag bearer position, has lost control of his campaign team in America following the recent sackings of two important executive members.

Mr. Alie Kabba is reported to have got wind of the two executive members planning to quit, so the sly leader quickly jumped the gun to fire them so as to stop a repeat of the London scenario where the Chairman Mr. Steven Gbekie and the Media Officer Abu Shaw shockingly resigned on December 5.

Those fired in America include Mr. Kemoh Sidibay (pictured) of Boston, Massachusetts and Mr. Barry White. Sources intimate that things started going haywire few months ago following a bitter argument between Kemoh Sidibay and Alie Kabba regarding their leader's poor campaign strategy and the usage of the social media. The feud went ugly when Alie Kabba told Kemoh Sidibay never to post or associate anything with his campaign.

Mr. Sidibay, who was the Campaign Manager and backbone of the team in the US, was simply doing his job when he posted pictures of Alie Kabba on social media in line with the spirit of the campaign. But reports say the 'radical progressive nationalist' felt Kemoh Sidibay has challenged his authority so he unleashed his venom by firing him instantly.

A close confidant of Kemoh Sidibay told this newspaper that it's crazy how a dedicated volunteer like Kemoh was fired. "How can Alie Kabba sack someone who has never been hired in the first place! Sidibe and others are purely on voluntary basis for Alie Kabba. You only fire people you have hired and in your payroll," he noted sarcastically.

Alie Kabba's Strategy Campaign Manager Barry White was also stripped of his powers and was sternly warned not to have anything to do with his campaign. Before he was sacked, Mr. Barry White was the adviser for the Fundraising Alie Kabba Dance in Washington DC.

Sources close to Mr. Barry White confirmed that he started smelling the rat recently when Alie Kabba started paying deaf ears to his advice. It is also hinted that there are other members who are also planning to resign as they are fed up with Alie Kabba's negative leadership style.

As we go to press, one Julius Aruna has been appointed to replace Kemoh Sidibe as Campaign  Manager. Whether this young man's feet would fit in to Sidibe's big shoes remains to be seen.  


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