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26th May 2018

UNDP Monitors Sierra Leone's International Benchmarks System

By Press Release (07/08/16)

Sierra Leone's International Benchmarks System, like others, is being monitored by the United Nations Development Programme.

International Benchmarks are set to guide the governance and development processes of countries. They also provide basis for periodic assessment of the progress made by those countries towards meeting set target. (Pictured: President Koroma is very determined to promote Sierra Leone's image).

A total of 33 Benchmarks have been identified but apparently, these Benchmarks for our country have not been treated seriously  by the institution supposed to manage and report on them. This is responsible for the country's poor ratings over the years.

The Head of State President Ernest Bai Koroma in his divine wisdom in concert with his advisers sorted out ways to clear the image and general development focused on the effective management and delivery of the Benchmarks.        

The National Workshop on Sierra Leone International Benchmarks (SLIBs), 2016 took place on the 29th and 30th, July 2016 at the Port Loko council conference hall in Port Loko district, the Blackman London. 

The ceremony was opened by the Chairman of the ceremony Chairman, Ambassador Dauda Sulaiman Kamara, who was enthused about the occasion.

The introduction of the Presidential entourage was done by the Ambassador at Large and Plenipotentiary and also Special Adviser to the President Alhaji Alpha Abu Bakarr Sidique Kanu. The introduction of the local dignitaries and welcome address was done by the Port Loko District Council, Chief Administrator and the Chairman of the Port Loko District Council, respectively.                                           

The purpose of the workshop was given by Caroline Thomas, UNDP who emphasized  on the need to cope up with the expectations of the Millennium Challenges Corporation Benchmarks, about the prosperity of Sierra Leones; that we could have a more accurate picture of the country and correct the wrong information usually shared globally. She concluded with suggestions for teamwork and working together towards the clear goals and targets with SLIBs to be successful.                                      

The Coordinator of SLIBs and Special Adviser to Presidents Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay spoke of progress made in the setting stage of this program and on monitoring the reporting system, format, periodicity reporting channels and responsibility. He also viewed  that the Benchmarks program must be seen as compendium within Sierra Leoneans.

Alhaji Alpha Kanu contributed greatly with the IEC/PR system. He reflected on the minds of the audience that our leader is an inclusive one with political tolerance and therefore demanded all to work as a team.

He defined the Head of State to be a leader that galvanizes his people. He said President Koroma is a political theologian that knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. And he himself is his political evangelist. He said our President knows where we are and where we are going. We all accept and saw his role during the Ebola crisis that named him "The Ebola Terminator".                                                                                             

President Koroma in a keynote address, talked adequately. He emphasized that this is a great concern to him and a national pride. He said that this is the way we could be assessed and be rated, because it is a specific indicator coverage, which involves a wide range of issues.

He assured the public that he is committed to these Benchmarks. He said that we lost focus on the goals and targets of the MDG, that was why we were portrayed as failures. He recommended that the government should properly manage and process the reports before it is done by outsider, donor or civil societies.

Courtesy: SLIBs Communication Units 


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