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14th December 2018

Two Sierra Leone Women Caught with Drugs Finally Appear in Court in Australia!

By a press release (17/11/18)

Two women who had drugs in their suitcases when they flew from Sierra Leone to Perth in Australia insist they were duped, a court has heard.


Reports say the two women were found with kilograms of methylamphetamine hidden inside their luggage after flying from Sierra Leone to Australia but they blame someone else for duping them, an Australian court heard recently. (Photo: The alleged meth drugs caught).

Matafa Fofana, 21, and Rosaline Koroma, 29, had almost 9kg of low-grade meth, equating to 4.83kg of pure meth, concealed in the lining of their suitcases when they arrived in Perth in May 2017.

The pair, who lived together in Melbourne, claimed they didn't know the drugs were there but were found guilty by a Supreme Court of WA jury in September 2018.

Fofana's lawyer told the court during sentencing submissions recently that his client, who has a four-year-old son, had written a powerful letter but it contained no mention of remorse.

"I am sorry for being so naive and trustworthy of others," she wrote. I made a mistake and that mistake was to trust the wrong people."

Koroma, a refugee, also said in her letter that she was reckless and naive to "trust people", but she accepted responsibility for her actions and had shown remorse.

The prosecutor said text messages from Fofana stating she was going to Africa "for business" showed she had an awareness of her future activities.

"Both seek to maintain there was a third party who duped them," she said. The pair will be sentenced next month December 10.

Courtesy: Perth Now, Sunday Times


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