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16th December 2018

Mohamed Bah, the New Sierra Leone People’s Party North America, Says Thanks!

By a press release (10/11/18)

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Sierra Leone People’s Party North America, thank you from the bottom of my heart," the new SLPPNA Chair said.


Mohamed Bah, the newly crowned SLPPNA chair delightedly thanked everyone for the confidence bestowed on him for electing him as their New Regional Chairman.
"You could not have made a better choice, and for that I want you to know that this victory is not just mine, but for all of you who worked tirelessly the extra mile to carry out our message of change in a new direction for our region, and even spent your own funds to make it to the New York Convention. (Photo: Mohamed Bah, a former Nollywood actor).

"We must now all work hard to carry out the “New Direction Agenda” of our President Julius Maada Bio. This will be the major focus of my administration. Allow me to extend a warm welcome once again to our dignitaries who travelled from Sierra Leone to attend our Party Conference in New York.

"Special thanks to our Foreign Affairs Minister Alie Kabba; Mr. Umaru Napoleon Koroma, Esq, National Secretary General of SLPP; Mr. Lahai Lawrence Leema, Deputy Minister of the Interior and SLPP Publicity Secretary (PRO); Ms. Fatmata Bockarie, National Deputy Women’s Leader; Sierra Leones High Commissioner to the United Nation Dr. Francis Kaikai; Mrs Victoria M. Sulimani, Ambassador/Deputy Permanent Representative Political Affairs, Sierra Leone’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations; Sierra Leone Deputy Ambassador to United States Mr.Sheku Messali, and Deputy Ambassador to China Mr. Saffa Wuya-Rogers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"I will be remiss if I fail to acknowledge Mr. Pessima, a great candidate who fought vigorously for his positions in the midst of a heated campaign. Mr. Pessima I want you to personally know, that you have left me with a very good impression of your temperament as a candidate, who under tremendous stress stayed calm, focused and dignified in your approach to how your campaign was run. The elections are now over. We must now turn our attention to governing and producing the results that you expect to see out of my administration. I want to assure you that my administration will do due diligence to deliver on our promises to you the electorates. My administration will have an open door policy in encouraging ideas, suggestions, and criticisms regardless of whether you voted for me or you voted for Mr. Pessima.

"My election to the highest posts in the 5th region of our party shows how inclusive the SLPP really is! My father, Alhaji Momodu Alpha Bah, was among five Fullah Tribal Leaders who petitioned the Government of Sierra Leone after independence to allow Fullah’s to participate in the electoral process in Sierra Leone. Today, I’m living proof that the wisdom of our party’s founding fathers was progressive and result oriented. I thank all of you who continue to keep the hope of our people alive. I realize that my candidacy and election was one that was aspirational to many of you. Truly you can proudly say the SLPP is a “Big Tent and Big Idea Party.” Which other political party in the diaspora would have elected a nontraditional candidate to its highest office; except of course the SLPP!

"Finally, let me thank all the past Chairmen of the Sierra Leone People’s Party North America Region: Jerry George, Dr. Lawerence Sandi, and Augustine Boss Fallay. Special thanks to Boss Fallay, for making it possible for our region to be brought onboard as the 5th Region of our party.

"Last but not least, my sincere thanks to Party Conference Chairman, Dr. Steven Manna, and Chief Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Victor Tarmoh, for their perseverance in ensuring a smooth election. Thank you for your service! God Bless Sierra Leone: “One Country; One People; One People; One Country," Mr. Mohamed Bah, Chairman Sierra Leone’s People’s Party North America concluded.


1958 -1980


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