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16th December 2018

UK Refuses China Nicky Visa, 4 Others in the SLPP Government Delegation!

By a press release (05/11/18)

The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs has expressed regrets that China Nicky and four SLPP delegates were refused UK visas in Freetown.


Reports say, the winner of the Big Sister 2018 reality show in Sierra Leone Haja Mariama Kamara popularly known as China Nicky and four other persons in the Tourism Ministry's delegation were not granted British visas to attend the World Travel Market in London. (Photo: China Nicky, lost her first ever visa application).

The recent non-issuance of visas by the British government to the Sierra Leone delegation did not delight Sierra Leone's Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Dr. Memunatu Pratt. She writes below:

"I am very much disappointed by the manner and method through which some individuals in society are interpreting the refusal of the UK government to grant Haja Mariama Kamara aka China Nicky visa for the global tourism event.

"We have recognised and celebrated China Nicky as beacon of success to give hopes to the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone. We did that devoid of politics tribe and educational status. (Photo: Sierra Leone Tourism Minister Dr. Memunatu Pratt, centre).

"My record of opening travel opportunities to individuals goes far back as my decades of work in the university. As Minister of Tourism this is not new. We recently travelled with Miss Sierra Leone to France. What you are doing is killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

"The UK government has right to refuse individuals visas if they are not convinced about your economic status or maybe feel that you may not return in their estimation. I am very sad that even four of my own staff were also refused and these are government employees.

"I am resolute to build the infrastructure for tourism culture and entertainment. We have just established the Sierra Leone Entertainment Foundation. There are many other opportunities of Tourism exposure for our growing talents.

"I will continue to do my best to keep Sierra Leone on track. Stay with us and follow Sierra Leone at the World Tourism Market," disappointed Minister Dr. Memunatu Pratt concluded.


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