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14th December 2018

"Pray for Me as I Start My Saudi Arabia Job," Sierra Leone's Envoy Tells Fullahs! 

By Abu Bakarr Bah (31/10/18)

He appealed to his colleague Islamic scholars and members of his Fullah ethnic group to pray for him as he departs for Saudi Arabia. 


Reports say the Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh made this plea during a farewell dinner at the Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown also attended by the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, Chief Justice Abdulai Charm, Islamic scholars, Fullah Progressive Union leaders, G40, youths and women of the ethnic group. (Photo: Envoy Dr. Jalloh, right). 

In his farewell speech, Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh thanked God and expressed his appreciation to President Julius Maada Bio and the SLPP government for appointing him to serve as the country's diplomat to an Islamic nation that he studied in and is familiar with.

He also thanked VP Juldeh Jalloh, his colleague Islamic scholars and members of his ethnic group for the support and urged them to pray for him for success as he leaves the shores of Sierra Leone for a diplomatic mission.

In his statement, Vice President Juldeh Jalloh congratulated the envoy on his appointment, noting that his appointment was something President Bio had assured Islamic scholars even before the 2018 presidential elections.

"The scholars appealed to my boss during the campaign to appoint Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh as Ambassador to the Saudi Kingdom and my boss assured them," the Vice President said that President Bio is a man of his words that does not just make unfulfilled promises.

The Vice President said the SLPP government is poised to build strong bilateral relationship with the Saudis and the Arab World who are economic giants in the world today, adding that President Bio made no mistake in appointing Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh. He concluded by saying that Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh was not appointed as Ambassador to the Saudi Kingdom because he is Fullah, but because he is competent to serve in that capacity.

Mr. Abdul Razark Bah on behalf of the Fullah Tribal Head described Dr. Jalloh's appointment as laudable. He said the chiefs and members of the fullah ethnic group were very pleased with President Bio when they heard the news of Dr. Jalloh's appointment. He said the chiefs support his appointment and wish him success in office.

Representatives of the FPU executive, Western Area, G40, FPU North America and youth leaders also lauded Dr. Jalloh's appointment.

Courtesy: By Abu Bakarr Salieu Bah, Deputy Secretary General, FPU, Western Area


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