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16th December 2018

A 300 Modern Seater Cinema to be Erected soon by a French Firm in Freetown! 

By a press release (22/10/18)

Fantastic news presently emanating from Freetown has confirmed that a company from France will soon erect a modern cinema in Freetown.


Bollore Group is the French firm planning this edifice. This is in line with the promotion of the SLPP government New Direction strategy and all became clear following the recent tour of Europe to seek economic assistance by the Sierra Leone Vice President. (Photo: Vice President Juldeh Jalloh, 3rd left, posed with Bollore executives in France).

Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh was on a working visit to Europe recently to engage both senior French and EU officials on the strategic priorities of the New Direction of President Julius Maada Bio.

As part of this working visit, he met the business community in Paris particularly companies that are operating in Sierra Leone as well as emerging investors. In those meetings, the VP Juldeh Jalloh highlighted the key sector priorities of his government, stressing the role of big businesses in supporting the investment drive in the country.

He told them that Sierra Leone is open for business and the new administration is putting measures in place to protect their investments and enhance competitiveness. He specifically called on the Bollore Group to support green business initiatives and play a more active role in the value chain.

In response, the CEO of the Bollore Group, Cyril Bollore promised to increase their investments in the country and even venture into news areas to help bolster the value chain and create jobs for youths.

He also pledged that the Bollore Group will also build a modern 300 seater cinema and multipurpose hall in Freetown as part of their efforts to promote job creation.

Reports say the Sierra Leone Vice President spent a day at the European Union EU headquarters in Brussels where he met a host of EU executives.

VP Juldeh Jalloh, it must be recalled, once studied and worked in France as a researcher at the prestigious Institute of Political Studies in Bordeaux. He speaks fluent French and knows the country very well.

Courtesy: Satellite News


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