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14th December 2018

What’s Fatima’s Role at the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference Hosted in London?

By a press release (19/10/18)

Sierra Leoneans are asking: Why is First Lady Fatima Bio in almost every government delegation since the SLPP government assumed power?


According to cynics in and outside the country, concerned members of the public have attentively noticed a trend in the Sierra Leone - the First Lady Mrs. Fatima Bio is the most widely travelled member of the SLPP government led by her husband President Julius Maada Bio. (Photo: Is touring part of Fatima's agenda?).

Much as we appreciate the sacred role of Mrs. Bio as our First Lady (by implication the fountain of womanhood in Sierra Leone), we are equally alive to the fact that this government has constantly described the economy they inherited - although grandstanding, as 'the worst in living memory'.

This being the case, we are not expecting to see Mrs. Fatima Bio part of every official delegation departing the shores of this country. If it’s not China few weeks ago, it’s the USA last week and today London.

What’s her role at a conference to discuss illegal wildlife trade? After all, there’s the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security as well as the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources attending the conference. Watin Fatima Bio go do dae now? In translation, it means, 'what is Fatima Bio going to do there now?

She has been part of every presidential delegation since April 4th, 2018. Whether President Bio was travelling or not she would travel. Reports are that she travels frequently with all official delegations to promote her own private agenda because she can’t afford first class tickets of her own.

This is not good for this fragile economy that President Bio himself has described as the worst since Serra Loya was discovered by Pedro da Cintra in 1462.

Wus kine waste dis now? Den wuna sae money nor dae? In the Queen's parlance, it means, 'what type of waste is this now? After the government has said there is no money left? PaOPa Salone is heading in the wrong direction, many independent observers believe that's the case now.


1958 -1980


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