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14th December 2018

Trump Visits UK: US President Warns May her Brexit Plan would ‘Kill’ Deal with USA!

By a press release (13/07/18)

President Donald Trump has warned Prime Minister Theresa May that her White Paper Brexit plan would damage trade links with the USA. 


President Trump touches down at Stansted airport yesterday. Mass protests, including giant inflatable 'Baby Trump' is expected to be flown in London. But the Metropolitan police are ready to restrict the ridiculous 'Welcome Trump' procession. (Photo: Trump and First Lady Melania arrived in the UK yesterday).

US president says May's Brexit plan is 'not what people voted for'. Donald Trump later arrives at Blenheim Palace for a black tie dinner with Theresa May. The president says May's Brexit plan could 'kill' post-Brexit trade deal.

Donald Trump has arrived in the UK to meet with Theresa May and the Queen on a four-day “working visit”. Air Force One touched down at Stansted Airport shortly before 2pm on Thursday and Mr Trump spent his first evening at a black tie event in Blenheim Palace, the birth place of Winston Churchill. (Photo: May welcomes Trump yesterday in Blenheim).

The US president will largely avoid London during his time in the country as mass protests are expected against his “zero-tolerance” approach to immigration and divisive rhetoric.

Mr Trump has already ruffled feathers this week at a Nato summit in Brussels and is unlikely to escape further controversy while in Britain.

Courtesy: Harriet Agerholm @HarrietAgerholm; Tom Embury-Dennis @tomemburyd; Tom Batchelor @_tombatchelor

Donald Trump: US President Meets Theresa May at Blenheim Palace, Birth Place of Winston Churchill

US President Donald Trump has been welcomed to Blenheim Palace by Theresa May, on the first day of his UK visit. The black-tie dinner, with 150 invited guests, is expected to focus on post-Brexit trade, and comes days after Mr Trump said the UK was in "turmoil".

He and First Lady Melania Trump arrived in the UK on Thursday afternoon. Protesters have gathered outside the US ambassador's residence in London, where the Trumps are staying tonight, and near Blenheim Palace.

Extra security is in place to police the protests, but Mr Trump has said that Britons "like me a lot" and that he feels "fine" about any such protests. (Photo: Protesters).

What is going to happen during Trump's trip? The Trumps left Winfield House at approximately 19:00 BST, with Mrs Trump wearing a full-length yellow dress with a pleated skirt.

Courtesy: BBC News


1958 -1980


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