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23rd July 2018

NCD Chair Appeals to the Foreign Minister for both Local and Global Recognition!

By a press release (22/06/18)

The National Commission for Democracy Chairman has appealed to Sierra Leone's Foreign Minister to help NCD locally and internationally.


Reports say the Management of the National Commission for Democracy (NCD) under the chairmanship of Dr. Abubakar H. Kargbo paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alie Kabba to acquaint him with the activities of NCD and to forge new ties in the New Direction. (Photo: Foreign Minister Alie Kabba, right, receives the NCD boss Dr. Abu Bakar Kargbo).

During the meet on the morning of Tuesday June 19, the Director of Economic and Technical Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Obai Taylor-Kamara, called the engagement to order by announcing the presence of the Minister and asking the NCD for the introduction of its team.

The Head of Communication and Public Relations of NCD Rev. Gibrilla Kargbo introduced the ten man team that was in attendance in the Directors Conference Room at the Tower Hill Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFAIC).

During his opening statement, the NCD Chairman, Dr. Abubakar H. Kargbo, remarked that he appreciated the appointment of Alie Kabba as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFAIC) as he called him a revolutionary and a progressive individual with an esteem calibre.

The NCD Chairman also noted that the SLPP New Direction manifesto focused attention on the importance of Civic Education which the Chairman said is foundational to the work of NCD.

He noted that the Commission has done a lot of work in the field of Civic Education resulting in the production of a Non-Formal Civic Education Curriculum for Sierra Leone even though not much recognition has been given to the activities of the Commission.

He appealed to the Minister to use his good offices to ensure NCD is given due recognition both locally and internationally and according to the Chairman, the work of NCD is vital in addressing the educational needs of the people that are mostly primordial on the backdrop of a democracy that is a superimposition with the need for more political education.

There was acknowledgement on the part of the NCD Chairman about the society that is deeply polarized after the March 2018 elections with the need for more Civic Education to foster national unity and cohesion.

He then intimated the Minister about the forthcoming National Consultative Conference on National Unity and Cohesion to be hosted by the Commission in the first week of July 2018.

Responding to the issues raised by the NCD Chairman, Minister Alie Kabba warmly welcomed the NCD team whilst noting that democracy is the foundation for the nation’s foreign policy and indicating that under the New Direction they are projecting their commitment to strengthening democratic institutions especially the National Commission for Democracy that is considered as a key player in the democratic transformation of the nation.

The Minister further pledged to work with NCD and showcase the Commission for according to him the New Direction is founded on the core values of democracy. He further argued that the work of NCD is closely related to the work of the MFAIC based on ‘Foreign Affairs’ being everybody’s affairs. He promised providing NCD with the platform for visibility.

He also observed that democracy is not a spectator sport and insisted on separation of powers and the rule of law whilst at the same time condemning ‘orders from above’ as a thing of the past under the New Direction.

He further posited that if NCD had existed before the time it was established, it would have prevented the nation from degenerating into a one-party state as was the case in the past with further assurances that such a phenomenon would not be experienced anymore as the nation continues unabated with its democratic enterprise.

The Minister ended on a note of optimism whilst submitting that he is ready to work with NCD and thus called for real and regular engagements in the weeks ahead to showcase NCD through the upcoming conference on national unity and cohesion.

He urged all to be great salesmen and women for Sierra Leone through economic diplomacy whilst committing his government to the values of inclusion. “We are friends and we will work together,” the Minister concluded.

The high point of the engagement was the submission of the Non-Formal Civic Education Curriculum for Sierra Leone, a document produced by NCD with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Courtesy: NCD Communication Unit


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