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24th June 2018

Sierra Leone Foreign Minister Alie Kabba Touches on 'Impact of Global Migration'

By a press release (26/05/18)

Sierra Leone Foreign Minister Alie Kabba reiterates the need to build partnerships and strengthen corporation on international migration.


Minister Kabba made this point on the 23rd May 2018, on the second floor of the conference hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, where he opened a consultative conference with warm greetings from the Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio. (Photo: Minister Kabba, centre front row, at the Foreign Ministry).

The Foreign Minister was delivering the key note address on 'the impact of global migration'. He emphasised the necessity for a comprehensive approach to optimise the benefits of migration as well as addressing the risks associated with the phenomenon.

The minister also underlined the importance of the shared responsibility of all stake holders to protect the human rights of migrants all over the world.

Mr. Kabba pointed out the challenges associated with international migration which he described as worrisome especially for youths, women and their children who take great risks moving across boarders in search of jobs or in pursuit of their dreams to live better lives elsewhere.

The minister also made particular reference to the horrendous boarder crossings across the Mediterranean and the dangers associated with such hazardous crossings. Photo: Mr. Alie Kabba at the meeting).

He acknowledged the root causes of migration with a national governmental commitment to create conducive political, economic social and environmental conditions for our people to live peaceful productive and sustainable lives to deter desperation from compelling them to seek livelihood elsewhere.

To achieve this goal the minister re-echoed the expressed commitment of the New Direction to invest in the human capital development of the country, especially the youths.

Alie Kabba went on to challenge the consultative conference to produce something that would not only address some of the many challenges bedevilling global migration but something that should serve as an international blue print for tackling those challenges.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, Alie Sanjan Kabba is in commitment to the New Direction under President Maada Bio. "Tackling the root causes of asphyxiating poverty and social inequalities and sufficiently strengthening the governance structure so that ordinary people can develop enough trust in their government to have the confidence to stay and thrive in their own land," Mr. Kabba concluded.


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