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15th August 2018

Sierra Leone Flag Flying Upside Down in Washington and London! Surprise!!

By Abu Shaw in London (21/04/18)

President Julius Maada Bio of the SLPP government has shown strange things since assuming power, latest being our Flag flying upside down!


The Sierra Leone National Flag, like all other flags of nations, is a sacred entity that must be honoured and protected at all times. Any change to this national symbol, big or small, must be by an Act of Parliament as is done in all civilised and democratic countries, Sierra Leone inclusive.

But few days ago, Sierra Leoneans were left surprisingly agape in horror seeing their sacred National Flag of Green, White and Blue being somersaulted like mudslides in upside down position under the watchful eyes of the new government of Maada Bio's SLPP party.

The upside down Flag was first seen in Washington D.C. this week and later in London during the Commonwealth meeting. In the American capital, where a five-man SLPP delegation visited the World Bank and the IMF, SLPP officials Mr. Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba and Mr. J.J. Saffa, the Finance Minister were seen standing by the Sierra Leone National Flag in upside down position. (Photo below: Mr. Alie Kabba and Mr. JJ Saffa, left).

One of Sierra Leone's most brilliant scholars professor Dr. Jimmy Kandeh first noticed the eyesore. On his Facebook page Dr. Kandeh castigated: "Our Flag upside down. What the hell is going on. Still waiting to read Alie Kabba's 'Fire on the Mountain' in which he promised to come clean about his role in founding the RUF."
Another Facebooker Gassimu S.I. Fofana replied: "Do we still have the Ambassador appointed by the APC representing Sierra Leone in the US? Who do you blame for this? I want to believe we should blame officials at the embassy not Alie Kabba or JJ Saffa. Correct?

Millicent Boroma Kamara did not mince her words: "Oh our flag is upside down? Alie Kabba did not see to correct it? What the hell is going on? I hope I am still in the planet."

In London, during the just ended Commonwealth Heads of State meeting which President Maada Bio gloriously attended, our National Flag was also seen upside down among the 53 members of the Commonwealth of Nations during the parade by the British Police. "Ridiculous to say it is a coincidence for our flag to be displayed in this odd manner in two different countries within hours," a patriotic Sierra Leoneans who prefers anonymity blasted.

Now, the SLPP must answer these questions: Is this just an oversight or negligence being shown by the SLPP government? Or is it the new change Maada Bio's presidency has promised voters during the March elections? Is SLPP really planning or have they already agreed that our National Flag should be changed to Blue, White and Green instead of the legitimate other way round?

Patriotic Sierra Leoneans have concluded now that the Alie Kabba/JJ Saffa showcasing in Washington and in London was no fluke or negligence or oversight. It is an official statement by the SLPP government to tell the world, through the back door, that Sierra Leone National Flag has been changed from Green, White and Blue to Blue, White and Green.

Sierra Leoneans are anxiously waiting to hear from the SLPP government to lay to rest this astonishing and horrible sightings. It remains to be seen what our new parliamentarians would do to ameliorate this ugly and makes it unconstitutional for any government to change the Flag without due process of the law.

History, Design and Legal Issues of our Flag

The national flag of Sierra Leone is a tricolour consisting of three horizontal green, white and blue bands. It was adopted in 1961, Sierra Leone's independence year, to replace the British Blue Ensign defaced with the arms of the Crown Colony of Sierra Leone.

The colours of the flag carry cultural, political, and regional meanings. The green alludes to the country's natural resources – specifically agriculture and its mountains. – while the white epitomizes "unity and justice". The blue evokes the "natural harbour" of Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone, as well as the hope of "contributing to world peace" through its usage. The flag is very similar to that of the official flag of Galápagos Province, Ecuador. The difference between the flags are very insignificant, with Sierra Leone's one having a lighter blue and green than that of the Galápagos Province.

The Sierra Leonean flag is utilized as a flag of convenience by foreign merchant vessels. The "minimum enforcement" of admiralty law on such vessels has led to illegal and suspicious activity. This includes unlawful fishing, as well as the usage of the flag on vessels from countries under United Nations sanctions. As a result, the Sierra Leonean government has taken measures to curtail registrations related to the practice of flag of convenience. In 2010, they stopped allowing fishing vessels to register in order to stymie unauthorized catches within both its domestic waters and in international seas. Two years later, they removed 10 ships from its registry believed to be from Iran. This followed the seizure of a ship in Lebanon that was carrying weapons for Syria and was purportedly flying the flag of Sierra Leone. Courtesy - Wikipedia.

President Bio Meet with Sierra Leoneans in London Ends Successfully

Meanwhile, Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora met their new Head of State Julius Maada Bio yesterday in London. This was the first official meeting between the Sierra Leone president and his compatriots residing abroad.
President Bio who attended the Commonwealth Heads of State conference in London thought it wise to kill two birds with one stone by engaging with Sierra Leoneans of all political persuasions, thus putting the Country First.

Reports say many admirers thronged the Walworth Methodist Church Town Hall in Camberwell London yesterday evening where the successful meeting took place amidst dancing and singing by the SLPP diehards.


1958 -1980


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