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15th August 2018

Did Lebanese Tycoon Give $1M to the Opposition to Support SLPP to Oust APC?

By a press release (30/03/18)

Latest information have revealed a startling bribery story involving a Lebanese tycoon who allegedly doled out $1M to opposition politicians.


A Lebanese business tycoon, Jamal Shallop, is reported to have allegedly offered one million dollars to Musa Tarawally, the presidential candidate of Citizens Democratic Party (CDP) and heads of other political parties in order to throw their support to the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) for the presidential runoff scheduled for March 27, which was postponed for legal reasons. (Photo: Jamal flocked by beauties).

According to unconfirmed sources, Mr Shallop is reportedly on course to withdraw the said sum from ECOBANK and Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) even though the postponed run-off is taking place today in Sierra Leone. Sources close to Shallop say he is facing some issues stopping the bank disbursement.

It could be recalled that Shallop is one of the Lebanese nationals in Sierra Leone that has and still continues to meddle in the affairs of the country's politics using clandestine means by dishing out millions of dollars to certain politicians in order to aid his dubious businesses.

This latest action from him is clear manifestation of his age long political meddling in Sierra Leone politics and has therefore raised serious concerns from members of the public.

It has also been learnt from sources that the proposed Minister of Finance and Financial Secretary, Sahr Jusu and Matthew Dingi respectively, should Maada Bio wins, are busy mobilising funds here and there for the SLPP to manage their campaigns for the runoff.

The alleged action of the Lebanese business tycoon has been considered by many political observers as unfortunate and has the potential to derail the smooth running of the long standing relationship between Sierra Leone and Lebanese nationals who have enjoyed fruitful stay in the country for decades.

But Lebanese intervention in Sierra Leone politics has always been the norm rather than the exception. Pundits still remember the famous Jamil Sahid Mohamed, a Lebanese millionaire during the APC era of President Siaka Stevens. Jamil was a very powerful and influential business man thanks to the mastermind of the APC government.

Sources close to the SLPP, CDP and others when contacted have however denounced this story as nonsense. It remains to be seen if history is repeating itself?


1958 -1980


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