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24th June 2018

NGC Demands NEC for a Re-count as EU Observers Want Polls Violence Probed!

By a press release (11/03/18)

The March 7 elections are riddled with malpractices and violence. As a result, the NGC has called on Electoral Commission for a re-count. 


In a press statement dated March 10, 2018, the National Grand Coalition NGC party headed by Dr. Kandeh Yumkella submitted a letter of complaint to the National Electoral Commissioner expressing preliminary observations, concerns and objections to the conduct of the March 7, 2018 elections. (Photo: election observers at polling station).

The letter reads: "Given that NEC has announced 25% of the presidential results, the NGC is even more convinced now after further investigation that these irregularities were systemic and widespread and include the following:

"1. The TEE bags were largely tampered with as results arrived at tally centres in unsecured brown envelopes instead of TEE bags;
2. There were signed blank RRFs in our possession;
3. Some RRFs were not signed by party agents;
4. In most part of Pujehun, RRFs were not given to party agents;
5. There are a lot of fake or photocopy RRFs to tally votes across the country and piles
of RRFs were left at the centres and in some cases given to polling agents;
6. Pre-programmed NEC tally machines have rejected data entered because of irregularities;
7. There are many instances of over-voting in Bo, Kailahun, Kenema, Bombali, Tonkolili, Port Loko and Freetown for now;
8. Polling agents were thrown out of polling centres before the counting began;
9. Polling boxes were left unattended;
10. Disenfranchisement of our members and supporters who voted, and their votes were not counted;
11.Disaggregation of results by polling stations should be reflected on NEC’s website immediately as agreed in our political parties/NEC liaison meetings.

"In these circumstances, the NGC, following consultations with our membership and  supporters hereby call for a re-count in Bo, Kailahun, Kenema, Bombali, Tonkolili, Port  Loko, Freetown amongst others.

"In the meantime, the NGC calls on all Sierra Leoneans, in the supreme interest of our country, to remain calm while we await further information," signed by Sulaiman Tejan Banja-Sie, Campaign Manager.

Meanwhile, the EU Election Observer Mission in Sierra Leone 2018 Elections has stressed that voters have a genuine choice of political parties in a widened political spectrum.

The observers however say an increasing number of acts of intimidation and violence against candidates and activists affected the electoral process.

EU observers noted that while the police played a constructive role managing crowds at polling centres, their intervention at the main opposition SLPP party’s situation room and presidential candidate’s home late Wednesday afternoon was disproportionate and could have been interpreted as a provocation.

"We call upon the police to exercise their duties in an impartial, proportionate manner and duly investigate all acts of violence,” the EU press statement concluded.


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