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14th December 2018

Exposition of APC's Communism Template for Sierra Leone Leaves Many Agape!

By Abu Shaw in London (13/02/18)

The present outrage in and outside Sierra Leone following the exposition of the APC party's communism template is difficult to comprehend.  


Shock and surprise continue within the Sierra Leone community following reports that the APC government's diabolical plans to slowly turn Sierra Leone in to a communist state is gradually and evidently becoming a reality. "Communism is totally contradictory to our democratic ideals and we will not allow the APC government to auction our country to communist China," infuriated Sierra Leoneans vent their anger. (Photo: Chinese at the forefront of APC election campaigns).

Suspicion on APC's communism template has long been speculated but there is no concrete evidence to authentic the claims. Over the weekend, however, during an APC rally Sierra Leoneans saw Chinese nationals physically engaged in election campaigns on the streets of Freetown for the APC party. Peoples' long suspicious fears seem to be nearer to fruition than ever before.

The alleged communism plan by the government of president Ernest Bai Koroma is no longer a hidden agenda if what Sierra Leoneans witnessed in the recent APC elections rally is anything to go by. Seeing these Chinese citizens, wearing the APC T-shirts and openly campaigning for the APC presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara is now clear that the suspected communism template is indeed alive and kicking.

It is even more disturbing as Sierra Leoneans get ready for the March 7, 2018 general and presidential elections. Of course, the APC party was born from the background of communism. The communist party of China has direct bonds with the APC party in Sierra Leone. And several senior APC party chiefs continue to argue that this is being done for economic expediency but observers think otherwise as there is a large caucus of veteran APC party grandees, whose political agenda is communism. "Western capitalism alone is insufficient for our economic recovery," an APC insider told this newspaper.

The USA government’s recent announcement of a massive aid package for several African countries was welcome news but cutting substantial sums of the aid package meant for poorest nations in Africa - including Sierra Leone - must have hastened the APC government’s warm embrace of its communist friends in China.

However, for the APC government to slyly and stealthily take Sierra Leone out of the democratic settings to a communist route in the guise of economic recovery, without giving Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to air their viewpoints on the issue, is unacceptable and criminal.

'Tolongbo' is a word from the Temne tribe which the ruling APC government has adopted as it's main political motto. 'Tolongbo' means party members must obey the Status Quo at all cost. Party members have no rights to criticise or oppose or overturn any views, either negative or not, held by the party hierarchy. 'Tolongbo' is another word for Communism, where human rights is non-existent, democratic values are violated and so on.

In fact, the APC government of president Koroma has always governed Sierra Leone the 'Tolongbo' way since 2007, where corruption is condoned, human rights of citizens being trampled upon, police brutality prevalent, democratic values undermined and social justice denied etc. A typical Tolongbo-Communist way of governance!

Many APC cabinet ministers even dressed in Chinese attire at times. Two prominent government officials taking unchallenging lead in the Chairman Mao legalia include Vice President Victor Foh and the Transport and Aviation Minister Logus Koroma. Even President Koroma sometimes wears the Chairman Mao outfit. Minister Logus, in his well tailored Chinese suit, recently signed a Chinese loan deal for the erection of an airport at Koya.

China has been very pivotal in the infrastructural developments in Sierra Leone, to give credit where it is due. The National Stadium, the Aberdeen Bridge, the Youyi Building housing majority of government ministries etc. are some of China's legacies. But this communism template allegedly planned by the APC is a bridge too far for majority of Sierra Leoneans who prefer democracy to communism. Read below some reactions:

When a Country is Sold to the Highest Bidders! An outrage of unbelievable proportions!!

For hundreds of years Sierra Leonean born denizens of Lebanese descent have been callously deprived of their rights as citizens of Sierra Leone by racist laws deliberately inserted in our constitution.

That in spite of the fact that many of this affected group have and continue to contribute significantly to our country. In fact, even our national anthem was written by a Sierra Leonean man of Lebanese origins, John Akar.

The Lebanese have suffered unfairly as a result of being cynically used as the fall guys in a national socio-economic plunge that is really the responsibility of an irresponsible chain of governments since independence.

Instead of taking concrete steps to address this continuing racist arrangement, the APC government is busy planting further seeds of a potentially very unpredictable kind.

After selling endless stretches of our lands to the Chinese for peanuts, we have become so awfully cut-off that right now one cannot even travel outside of our capital city, Freetown, without paying taxes to the Chinese in the name of a 'toll' for a road they did not really make.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, now this: we see the Chinese (who have built a seven storey mansion for the APC party and brought in hundreds of customised motorbikes and other electioneering items) now wearing APC party t-shirts and menacingly marching on our streets, just a few weeks to a very crucial presidential and general elections.

How come this APC can stand up and boldly BAN born Sierra Leoneans from participating in the politics of their own country simply because they have 'dual citizenship' yet they are brave enough to dare to dress Chinese people and directly inject them into our national politics?

This is an outrage beyond measure! Do we have any credibility in this election? Someone please assure me, because we only have DEMOCRACY as our option and we wouldn’t like to see that taken away from us....

Courtesy: Sorie Fofana, Global Times newspaper Sierra Leone

No Doubt that the Chinese are Supporting APC's Presidential Candidate Dr. Samura Kamara!

Under Samura as Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Affairs, he brokered several dubious deals with Chinese companies:

1) Shandong takeover of Africa Minerals led by the most prosperous businessman, the late Moseray Fadika aka Super;

2) Toll Road Project of questionable $161 million. Yet, road users are paying to build the road. The local agent is President Ernest Koroma’s brother, Thomas Koroma;

3) Chinese Fiber Optic Project for $25 million. Ernest’s Koroma sister Admire Sesay is the local agent;

4) Spur Road Project funded by government. 3.5km for $11 Million;

5) Rilfor Waterquay Project for $709 million facilitated by Samura himself;

5) $318 million Mamamah Airport agreement loan Samura Kamara and Logus Koroma are the champions;

6) The Chinese are of the view that if other person wins, the person will review the agreements. For the stability of Chinese companies in Sierra Leone, the Chinese are supporting Samura hands in glove;

7) All APC T-shirts, campaign motorbikes and posters are printed by Chinese companies operating in Sierra Leone;

8) Chinese contracted the new APC multi-story complex to one of their own, to conceal detailed transactions;

Are we blind enough to allow APC again. Who knows what will follow next? Your vote is your future.

Courtesy: A Concerned Sierra Leonean


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