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19th February 2018

China Loans the APC Party for Mamammah International Airport in Koya!

By a press release (13/02/18)

The signing of the loan agreements for the construction of the Mamammah International Airport in Sierra Leone has been concluded.


Reports say the contractual loan agreements, whose details remain undisclosed was signed between the government of Sierra Leone and the China Railway International Group and China Exim Bank. (Photo: APC Minister Logus Koroma signing the Chinese Loans).

It was sealed and settled in the capital Beijing from February 8-9, 2018, when the Sierra Leone Minister of Transport and Aviation Leonard Balogun Koroma signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mr. Mingzheng XU, Chairman of Henan Guoji Industry group of China for the development of the New Koya City Aerotropolis and the New Koya Economic Development Zone for Free Trade and Manufacturing.

Reports say the MOU will give Henan Guoji Industries and two other companies, the mandate to conduct quick feasibility studies to develop a new Koya city model and a Koya Economic zone model by the private sector for approval by government.

Once approved, the company will invite proposals from potential private sector developers to construct a city enclave on 21,000 acres of land comprising a presidential complex with offices for the president and vice president.

It will also have a parliamentary complex with a new parliament building as well as offices for MP’s, a judiciary complex with all levels of courts and residence for judges and magistrates.

Offices and residence for ministers and all government ministries, departments and agencies, hotels, shopping malls, business and conference centres will be part of the construction plans. The airport is expected to be opened to the public in 2022. Reports also confirmed that the facilities will include housing estates.

The Economic Free Trade and Manufacturing Zone, distinct from the Koya Municipality will also be developed for the establishment of tax free trade enclaves and factories.

The airport project will essentially expand the vulnerable, congested and old city of Freetown to a 50 mile radius. Freetown will be expanded with the building of the new airport in Koya.


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Democratic Erosion Under Ernest Koroma and the 2018 Elections

By Dr. Jimmy D. Kandeh, Guest Editor (14/02/18)
The expectation that governance will improve under President Koroma has instead witnessed steady democratic erosion under the APC.

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Sierra Leone Lawyer Denounces President Koroma's Dual Citizenship Hypocrisy!

By Anonymous Lawyer (14/02/18)
President Ernest Koroma's blatant double standard on Sierra Leoneans with dual citizenship is being criticised by all patriotic citizens.

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