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26th April 2018

US Government's Last Warning to Political Parties to Rid of Electoral Violence!

By a press release (09/02/18)

The United States government has warned all political parties to desist from electoral violence during the March 7, 2018 general elections.


The US Embassy in Sierra Leone made this final warning after expressing concern about recent reports of violence and loss of life during the nomination rally held by the ruling APC government in Freetown. (Photo: President Donald Trump is watching developments in Sierra Leone).

In a close door meeting in Freetown, the US Ambassador Maria E. Brewer appealed to the presidential candidates not to put public safety at risk during the electoral process in the country. All the major political actors including the APC candidate Dr. Samura Kamara, the SLPP leader Julius Maada Bio, the NGC leader Dr. Kandeh Yumkella and others were present at the US Embassy.

The US Ambassador Brewer extended her deepest condolences to the victims and their families and appealed to all Sierra Leoneans to remain peaceful and respect the democratic process. "While this is a time to engage in political activity, exchanges should be civil, and take place in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect," she stressed.

However, the US Ambassador warned the politicians that anyone who would infringe on peaceful expression of political views at the risk of public safety should be held to account.

We applaud the political parties that have committed to peaceful campaigns by signing on to the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) Code of Conduct.

The U.S. Embassy urges all parties and candidates to reiterate to their constituents their commitment to a non-violent, law abiding and peaceful democratic process.

Courtesy: US Embassy Freetown, Emily Royse Green, Tel: 099105000


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