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25th May 2018

Cocky APC Regrets Dual Citizenship as Samura Promises to Review 1991 Act!

By a press release (20/01/18)

Cocky but jittery APC is having a re-think on the disastrous Dual Citizenship issue as the ruling party promises to review the 1991 Act.


In a press conference in Freetown, the APC presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara has assured all APC supporters in the Diaspora that his first priority as president is to review Section 76 of the 1991 constitution and also to ensure that Sierra Leoneans living overseas have the opportunity to vote. (Photo: Samura speaking during the APC U-turn on the dual citizenship disaster).

The APC presidential candidate, Dr. Kamara emphasised the role and importance of the Diasporans. He disclosed that when he was Bank Governor, they carried out a case study about the remittances of Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora which he pegged at between $250m to $400m annually, almost 20-25% GDP.

Dr. Samura Kamara, who is appallingly jittery on the negative backlash the APC government has received following the Dual Citizenship issue, has pledged his commitment to not only review Section 76 of the 1991 constitution but to ensure that Sierra Leoneans living overseas have the opportunity to vote.

He also reiterated the need for Sierra Leone to join the digital world. "This will be some of my immediate challenges when I become President". He therefore called on all to bury the symbol disappointments and move forward for the party to clinch victory on the first ballot come March 7. He stated emphatically that, "the worst APC government is far better than the best SLPP government."

In a related development, the Minister of Information and Communication, Mr. Alpha Kanu has called on all APC Diasporans affected by the recent symbol brouhaha not to even think of surrendering their foreign passports.

Minister Kanu addressed hundreds of APC Diasporans who were denied the party's symbol to contest the forthcoming Parliamentary election at the Atlantic hall of the Siaka Stevens Stadium hostel, Wednesday, 18th January, 2018.

He admonished them to have faith in the Almighty God over the outcome on the award of the APC party symbols to contest the upcoming Parliamentary elections. He warned that it doesn't make sense for one to renounce his/her foreign citizenship for political appointment which is temporary and added that there are so many advantages for holders of foreign passports in those countries.

APC National Secretary General, Mr. Osman Foday Yansaneh also appealed to the APC Diasporans to remain steadfast and have the confidence that the APC cares more for Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora than any other party. He said since the APC came back to power in 2007, the Diasporans have been offered more opportunities than any other government. "Even the recently closed parliament, out of the 70 APC Parliamentarians, 53 of them are from the Diaspora," he disclosed.

He assured all that Section 76 of the 1991 constitution will be the first bill that will be tabled before the new parliament for amendment. "We took the step not to award you the symbols as a precautionary measure, because Section 76 of the constitution which had long been oversighted by all the governments since 1991 has now been reawaken by lawyer Mr. Francis Gabbidon. We don't have to continue ignoring it otherwise any opposition party would have used it to petition our candidates and we suffer the consequences. We don't want to fall into that trap."

He assured all that there are so many other appointments and opportunities for Diasporans when the party is returned to power.

Earlier, the APC Holland Chairman, Simon Seisay appealed for Diasporans to be included in the APC campaign teams. Contributions were also made by Mustapha Koroma, the APC UK/I Chairman and Mr. John Bornoh Sesay, the Presidential Campaign Chairman.

Courtesy: APC Media Department


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