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25th May 2018

APC Government's Dual Citizenship Crap Will Divide Sierra Leone Forever!

By Abu Shaw in London (18/01/18)

The cruel APC government of Ernest Koroma's ploy on the Dual Citizenship will not succeed as Sierra Leone will never be divided by the APC.


This Dual Citizenship agenda is not a constitutional tutorial but a very dangerous political ploy being sponsored and machinated by the APC government to divide the country forever if daftiness overcomes rationality. (Photo: The APC party headquarters in Freetown where these corrupt politicians assemble to plant seeds of discord in Sierra Leone).

The ongoing campaigns carried out by some blind and power hungry compatriots against Diasporans will not only threaten national cohesion, it will also usher in a devastating emotional and psychological chapter that will surpass even the 10 year old bloody civil war in Sierra Leone.

No sane Sierra Leonean would wish for another war in the country as bitter lessons have already been learnt to desist from this evil thought. That is why the causes of any regretable conflicts, especially emotionally charged ones, must not be entertained. Of course, physical wars such as the one experienced from 1991 to 2002 in Sierra Leone can be resolved easily. But when you compare that to the emotional and psychological warfare that innocent families will go through because of this obnoxious Dual Citizenship madness, it's incredible to even think about it. Such traumas are unsolvable.

The breeders of poisonous substances amongst Sierra Leoneans by consciously discriminating against their compatriots in the name of dual citizenship, are letting themselves and the country down. Selfishness rather than patriotism has sadly blackened the mental faculty of these daft campaigners.

It is even more dubious at this time just few weeks to the general elections, for the ruling APC government of President Ernest Koroma to trigger such a controversial and unprecedented and divisive law on Citizens' Rights as enshrined in the 1991 Constitution.

In fact, there is no need for Dual Citizens to renounce their citizenship because the late Sierra Leone president Tejan Kabbah had already resolved this constitutional problem in 2006. Just like the 1991 Constitution that overides many of the legislation drafted in the 1976 Constitution and before that, so also will the 2006 Amendment Act of parliament on Citizens' Rights replace the Citizens' Rights Act drafted in the 1991 Constitution, thanks to the SLPP leader Tejan Kabbah, of blessed memory.

Constitutionally, any amended Act of Parliament that has been passed in to law will automatically replace the corresponding Act of the previous Act in the constitution. This is the way the constitution works. Period. This is the legal point most daft compatriots, especially the homebase APC educated fools, are failing to grasp.

National and international observers believe, the cocky but jittery APC party is playing this dangerous game of divide and rule because they fear of losing the March 7, 2018 polls especially to the newly formed NGC party led by the former United Nations Director Dr. Kandeh Yumkella - a patriot from the Diaspora - who is contesting for the highest office in Sierra Leone.

There is no logical reason why the APC is taking this chaotic constitutional stance at this time to bar Sierra Leone citizens from public office just because of being Dual Citizens. Blind campaigners must stop using the 1991 constitution as scapegoat to fool themselves to score political points at the cost of national unity and peace.

No amount of divisive strategy will fool the electorates come March 7. It is foolhardy that the APC has not only shot itself in the foot as many of their own cabinet ministers also hold Dual Citizenship, but this daft action is playing well in the hands of the opposition parties who are adding to their votes on a daily basis. Maada Bio's SLPP party and others are smiling like pregnant rabbits at the moment because of APC's poor strategy to anger compatriots. Those advising the ruling party in this regard are really digging APC's grave before their demise. An own goal we call it!!

It's very obvious that God has destined 2018 for APC's demise particularly considering the catalogue of national blunders and rife corruption that continue to characterise the the ruling party from top to bottom. Instead of fighting sincerely to have any hope for re-election, president Koroma is leading an endemically corrupt government where only corrupt ministers and crooked heads of government institutions are protected in their jobs. Ridiculous how anti-corruption campaigners in the APC government are considered enemies by Ernest Koroma and his evil cohorts.

Now, with no more tangible ideas in place to convince voters to elect the APC presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara, the APC is using the 1991 constitution to declare war on innocent Sierra Leoneans who are now being considered second class citizens in their own country. This negative move, which the cocky APC party is failng to decipher, is a serious subtraction of votes for the APC government come March 7.

This is very discriminatory, deceptive, disrespectful, divisive and it is clearly a recipe for disaster. When a government foolishly decides to disenfranchise a section of its citizenry for selfish political peanuts, it is like digging one's own grave knowing that the ailment affecting them will never be cured.

Imagine, if they succeed in banning dual citizens from holding political office, where will such an evil scenario end? That is the question the blind campaigners must not ignore. They will not hesitate to even bar dual citizens from establishing private businesses etc. upon their return to their motherland. This is the question that must motivate all well meaning Sierra Leoneans to act now before it is too late.

We are talking about peoples' lives here. About the livelihood of our their children, grand children when they decide to return home. What country do we want for them in the future? This is the emotional and psychological trauma reasonable and unreasonable compatriots must tell this corrupt and evil APC that they will not accept.

As for our daft brothers and sisters who have been brainwashed for political pittance, they must think wisely as posterity will judge them as enemies of Sierra Leone. A united country is far better than a divided one. Let's remember the difficulty in curing traumatic experiences caused by psyhcological emotions.

The best the APC could do now is to respect Diasporans and they must imprint in their tiny brains and understand that Sierra Leone families residing abroad also love their country equally if not more than the homebase. Sierra Leone is for all Sierra Leoneans. For the wicked APC to put Diasporans against the Homebase must be stopped at all cost. Dump discrimination NOW in the dustbin of history. ALUTA CONTINUA.


1958 -1980


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