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25th May 2018

Organiser Disagrees that Dual Citizenship Exacerbated Death of Dr. Porter in Canada!

By Pastor M. Sesay (18/01/18)

The Organiser newspaper takes exception to this article written by Pastor Mohamed Sesay blaming Dr. Porter's death on dual citizenship!


His article is published verbatim as follows entitled: Dual Citizenship Exacerbated the Death of Dr. Arthur Porter. (Photo: President Koroma is trying to divide the country for selfish gains).

Love Lawyer Francis Gabbidon or loathe him, his drawing of the attention of the Sierra Leonean people to parts of the Constitution that have been flouted over the years with impunity, is highly commendable and worthy of a special award. The law is the law and the Sierra Leone Constitution stands above any other law as it is the yardstick to prove whether or not a particular law is valid or not.

Since the Sierra Leone Constitution was rewritten in 1991, the part that stressed the illegality of people with dual nationalities to become either Parliamentarians or Vice President or President, have been wrongly overlooked by successive governments. Many Sierra Leoneans were seeing it as a plus to hold the passport of another country but the Constitution says it is not if at all politics is your focus.

Dr. Arthur Porter was the son of Professor Arthur Porter. Sierra Leonean born Dr Arthur Porter held a Canadian citizenship also before his death. That Canadian citizenship was to work against him at the end leading to what could simply be described as his 'untimely death'.

Many of those who are saying now that bringing up the matter of dual citizenship at this moment close to elections, is wrong, must think again. Where is their patriotism? Citizenship is about allegiance. People sit here and think that to obtain citizenship of another country is just a matter of child's play. It involves taking an oath of allegiance which is very serious whenever that may arise.

Whose side will you be on if you the dual national has to choose between your two or three countries of citizenship if say there is war between them? Dr Arthur Porter found too late that his Canadian citizenship was to work against him leading to his premature death. His dad who is in his 80s is alive but he is dead.

Dr Arthur Porter, before his death was a Sierra Leonean diplomat working in Canada who was entitled to diplomatic immunity. He was also a Canadian citizen working in the Canadian secret service. Close to 3 years ago he decided to return finally to Sierra Leone. The Canadian secret service got wind of his plan.

Dr Arthur Porter had two daughters living in Panama. Before leaving finally he decided to make a stop at Panama to see his grown up daughters. It was while he was at Panama that the Canadian government made an extradition request to the Panamanian government for Dr Arthur Porter to be sent back to Canada on some concocted allegations. Dr Porter was arrested and detained in a maximum prison to await his extradition trial.

While there, frantic efforts were made by his Panamanian and Sierra Leonean lawyers for him to be treated as a diplomat and returned to Sierra Leone but that proved difficult because as far the Panamanian court was concerned, Dr Arthur Porter stood before it, not as a Sierra Leonean diplomat but as an ordinary citizen of Canada.

He couldn't then be released on bail or sent to Sierra Leone despite representations made for him to the Sierra Leone government. Broken hearted, he was to die in prison in Panama. His Canadian citizenship proved a trap that caught him because he swore allegiance to Canada.

Now in elections year is the appropriate time that this dual citizenship matter must arise because there are roles those with dual nationalities could play to the detriment of this country if they are elected to such high offices in governance.

I agree with the Sierra Leone Constitution that a human cannot serve two masters because that human is sure to love the one and hate the other. All people with dual nationalities must be stopped from ever becoming either Parliamentarians, or Vice Presidents or Presidents in this country.

Why the fuss to contest elections here? Why not in the other country which they loved so much they made Sierra Leone second fiddle in their lives? Let them go to the country where they pledged their allegiance and contest there. Not here.

Courtesy: By Pastor Mohamed Sesay



I always respect Pastor Mohamed Sesay's analytical articles but this one on Dual Citizenship is full of trash and senselessness. To allude that Dual Citizenship exacerbated the death of Dr. Arthur Porter in a Panama jail is wrong.

He died of broken heart because of espionage allegations levied on him by Canada, his second home. Spying allegation is a treasonable offence in any country around the world.

Sierra Leone will always punish any citizen who is found wanting on spying charges, dual citizens or not. Unlucky Dr. Porter would still have faced the same fate even if he only had Sierra Leone citizenship. So the likes of Pastor who think they are more patriotic than Sierra Leoneans with Dual Citizenship are just selfish and jealous to put it mildly.

Using the 1991 Constitution for political gains will only breed more chaos and hatred within the citizenry. The country does not need such poor analyses any more. Sierra Leone belongs to all Sierra Leoneans either Homebase or Diasporans.

The hatred the Homebase has nurtured over the years against Diasporans is ignorance of the highest order. It is not based on patriotism at all. In fact, many Diasporans love Sierra Leone more than the few so-called attention seeking patriots based at home. Please let sleeping dogs lie.

Courtesy: By Abu Shaw, Editor and Publisher of newspaper


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