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25th June 2018

APC's Power Shamble as Turkish Ship Contracted $200M to Electrify Freetown!

By John Ngegba (12/01/18)

The emergency electricity contract between the ruling APC and a Turkish ship to provide power to selected parts of Freetown is a shamble.


In 2007, President Ernest Bai Koroma's promise to light up the entire Freetown had been shambolic to say it mildly. Many quickly initiated emergency electricity contracts in the past could only electrify selected parts of Freetown and the rest (mostly poorer areas) remaining in darkness. (Photo: The Turkish ship berths in Freetown waters).

Whatever was involved in those dubious contracts is a story for another day. Since then, billions of Leones have been spent on electricity but this government is still unable to light up the entire Freetown.

Less than 60 days to the official end of President Koroma's tenure of office, his failed government has quickly initiated another emergency electrification of the capital with 30MW worth $200M for five years with $40M for each year.

The name Hisham Mackie may not ring a bell to many in Sierra Leone if you don't belong to the business association that was established ten years ago when the APC government took over the governance of Sierra Leone.

Hisham Mackie is a Turkish diamond exporter who buys all big diamonds in the country today and had monopoly over the gateway under Teltac. He was also involved in the management of Sierratel under the Lebanese owned management company.

He was also given a solar hotel contract and tens of acres of prime land around the hotel. Hisham Mackie is rumoured to be worth over $500M over the last seven years. Laughable that a a foreign ambassador could be allowed to amass so much wealth and power and even allowed to do business in Sierra Leone.

This Turkish international business magnate is the current Turkish Consul to Sierra Leone. The emergency electrification of Freetown with 30 MW is worth $200M and Hisham Mackie is in charge of the contract.

The APC government loves the expensive life. A life millions of Sierra Leone would never afford. What would an expensive project that is only limited to Freetown benefit the average Sierra Leonean? This is one of the reasons why the APC deserves to be permanently placed in opposition otherwise this country will be sold to transnational organised criminals.

Observers believe the contract between the APC and the Turkish power ship, which is currently berthed on the shores in Freetown, should be revisited immediately after 7th March 2018.


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