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26th April 2018

Catholic Mission's Timely Humanitarian Medical Gesture in Sierra Leone  

By a press release (14/12/17)

The Catholic Medical Mission Board has given much needed medical assistance to help Sierra Leone’s health sector in these trying times. 


Reports say the Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) has shipped a twenty feet container loaded with medicine and medical supplies to aid Sierra Leone’s ailing health sector. (Health Minister Dr. Abu Bakarr Fofanah)


According to Glen Erickson Specialist Help Placement for CMMB, the contents of the 20 ft container include donated relief cargoes for charity only with no commercial value.


Briefing the Sierra Leone Ambassador in the US Mr. Bockari Kortu Stevens, Paul Mikov Vice President Institutional Partnerships appreciated his visit and inspection of the cargo at the Catholic Medical Mission Board warehouse at Long Highland City in New York.


Paul Mikov said CMMB’s action is in direct response to the call of the Sierra Leone Government through the Embassy of Sierra Leone and Ms. Milly Terry Director of African Women’s Cancer Awareness Association, soon after her attendance to the Embassy’s call for help.


Health Ministry sources in Freetown say the medical supplies are expected shortly in Sierra Leone.


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