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19th February 2018

Sierra Leone's Football President Appears in Court Monday October 30!

By a press release (29/10/17)

The Sierra Leone Football Association boss Isha Johansen is expected at a Freetown court Tomorrow Monday October 30, 2017.


Reports say the SLFA boss Madam Isha Johansen and one Chris Kamara are expected to appear in court tomorrow to face six counts charge. Both have been indicted on charges ranging from misappropriation of public funds to the abuse of office. (Photo: Isha Johansen, the under fire SLFA boss). 

These charges were surprisingly levied shortly after Isha Johansen declared her intention to run for another term as the campaigns for the SLFA elections hot up.

Isha Johansen told the press after the accusation: "I am not worried about these charges because as far as I am concerned I have a job to do which I have been doing diligently."

The SLFA boss added that she cannot understand why this accusation was brought against her immediately after she made my declaration to run for the SLFA presidency.

Sources close to SLFA say certain elements in the football hierarchy are very uncomfortable with Isha Johansen's growing influence nationally and internationally.

Madam Johansen, the Iron Lady of Sierra Leone football, made football history by becoming the first woman to be elected head of a national football association in the world.

She is also a controversial figure after having being associated in the past with many corrupt accusations in Sierra Leone which she had outrightly termed baseless and misleading.


1958 -1980


Democratic Erosion Under Ernest Koroma and the 2018 Elections

By Dr. Jimmy D. Kandeh, Guest Editor (14/02/18)
The expectation that governance will improve under President Koroma has instead witnessed steady democratic erosion under the APC.

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Sierra Leone Lawyer Denounces President Koroma's Dual Citizenship Hypocrisy!

By Anonymous Lawyer (14/02/18)
President Ernest Koroma's blatant double standard on Sierra Leoneans with dual citizenship is being criticised by all patriotic citizens.

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