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25th June 2018

Minister's Starry Speech at Magburaka Descendants Charity in London

By Adams Bangura (21/06/17)

The Minister of Youth Affairs was a sparkling star at the River of Life Centre during the recent Magburaka Descendants Fund Raising in London.


At a fantastic dinner hosted by the Magburaka Descendants Development Association or MDDA, in London, things were going on smoothly as expected from the indigenes and many who had come to support them. (Pictured: Sports Minister).

Nonetheless, there were two separate outstanding moments one would say stood out if an assessment were to be sorted. One of which was from a young lad called Junior Yatteh, a teenager whose father comes from Magburaka but was born in the UK. 

The young man told a beautiful story about the Green, White and Blue flag of our Sierra Leone. He said how soon have we forgotten about Sierra Leone being one of the youngest democracies in Africa but with so much to celebrate within few years of this young democratic dispensation especially now; devoid of the perceive stereotyping of her successes by those who wishes her nothing but the worse; and worst of it all is when those who claimed to have come from that part of the world cries her down daily and trumpet her socio-political challenges. The future of a more prosperous Sierra Leone he noted should be about children in need of education and not the privilege few... 

Then, cometh a man who was moved by Junior Yatteh's eloquence! A young man himself who has validated the youth as was introduced by Abes Kamara. A standing ovation was given to the speaker and in my estimation in an unofficial capacity as Keynote Speaker. 

The Bai Mamoud Bangura factor took over the auditorium in no time and the hall stood in awe! All wanting to hear from one of the youngest Ministers of government in the Ernest Bai Koroma APC led government. 

The man who doubles as the Minister of Youth Affairs and also President of the APC National Youth League, gave an exceptional speech emphasising on the importance of such fundraising functions in  alleviating poverty and in support of education in Sierra Leone. 

He said government is doing its best to see that no child is left behind in terms of education and educational supports. He thanked the event host for according him such an opportunity even though he had travelled to the UK for a completely different purpose and had attended the event on short notice. 

The skilled politician jokingly said that when the acronym of the organisation (MADDA) was given to him he was a bit concerned and said why MDDA? Why not find a more suitable acronym instead of one that could be easily perceived to be a certain name in our national politics? 

To the amazement of his audience a standing ovation was given with a round of applause. However, he told them, for the purposes of his speech he'll rename it as MAYDA, for the event was being held in the month of May and for development purposes. Another round of applause erupted instantaneously. 

At the end of his brief and succinctly delivered speech the minister pledged to sponsor 20 kids in Magburaka whilst stressing that his pledge will not be made public as it would be wrongfully perceived or misconstrued.

The charity meet ended with a rare moment for the young minister with hundreds of people queuing up to partake in the concluding meet and greet, and photo sessions.  


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