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16th December 2018

East End Lions, one of Sierra Leone's Famous Football Clubs, Taken Over by Media Guru 

By a press release (27/10/18)

The President of the Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire has been officially crowned as Chairman of the East End Lions Football Club.


Reports say media guru Mr. Anthony Navo (Jnr) (photo) was elevated to the club’s top position following a successful five-year tenure as Vice President under the leadership of Sanusi Bruski.

The appointment of Junior Navo to provide quality leadership for the East End Lions Club has rejuvenated hope in the minds of football fans across the country over the future of the game.

The new executive was formally unveiled on October 24, 2018 at a strategic meeting of Elders and Executive Committee of the East End Lions Football Club, as part of the organization’s tradition to constitute a fresh executive after every five years.

Elders Committee Acting Chairman, Alhaji Architect Gibril F. Koroma has described the new team as a 'not so new' executive as a couple of executive members in the new dispensation had served in the previous administration. "The current executive is basically an extension of the last executive," he said.

The Chairman expressed optimism over the future of the club under the leadership of Mr. Navo, who had been a leading figure in the previous executive that has kept the club alive under difficult circumstances.

Chairman Koroma described Ambassador Navo as a dynamic leader with a tested personality, on whom the elders committee bestows so much confidence in. The executive, he said, is constituted with dynamic, astute and influential leaders with passion for the game.

In a brief interview, Ambassador Navo expressed appreciation to the elders committee and fans of the East End Lions for bestowing confidence over his leadership legacy.

The youthful chairman has vowed to take the club to highest possible peak as consistent with his leadership track records.

The new executive is as follows:

1. Ambassador Anthony Navo (Jnr) - Chairman

2. Mr. Mohamed Gento Kamara – Vice Chairman

3. Mr. Alpha Muctarr Jalloh – Secretary General

4. Alhaji Abdul Rahman Davies – Assistant Secretary General

5. Mr. Alfred Badara Turay – Team Manager

6. Mr. Alimamy Alemao Kamara – Welfare Officer

7. Mr. Edmond Foray – P.R.O 1

8. Mr. Adikali Kargbo – P.R.O 2

9. Alhaji Alpha Rashid – Fan Club Chairman

10. Mrs. Asmaa James - Chairlady

East End Lions Signs Leone Stars Coach

The Ambassador Anthony Navo led Executive Committee of the East End Lion has officially signed John Keister as Head Coach of the football club. (Photo: East End Lions of 1980s, will the present EE Lions ever reach this glory?).

The Leone Stars Coach sealed the club contract for an undisclosed amount in the afternoon hours of October 26 2018.

This move is the first official assignment of the East End Lions newly unveiled executive, whose tenure officially commenced this week.

Chairman of the Club Ambassador Anthony Navo (Jnr) has disclosed that the milestone signing of Keister is a first step in his executive's strategic plan to return the club to its past glory.

The executive committee has further announced that the team will resume training soonest under the leadership of the new coach.

John Keister was recently signed as Head Coach of the National Team following an outstanding track record as Leone Stars Defender and Head Coach for F.C Johansen. Keister is a Grade A License Coach.

Courtesy: AYVNews


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