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16th December 2018

FIFA Accepts Sierra Leone Apology & CAF to Reschedule Leone Stars/Ghana Matches!

By a press release (18/10/18)

FIFA has promised to advise CAF to reschedule the Leone Stars matches against Black Stars after accepting Sierra Leone's Zurich apology.


Latest reports from the FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland say the world football governing body will advise the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to reschedule Sierra Leone’s matches against the Black Stars of Ghana that were cancelled last week due to the ongoing impasse between FIFA and the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA). (Photo: FIFA boss Gianni Infantino speaks as VP Juldeh Jalloh, Isha Johansen and Attorney General Priscilla listen in Zurich).

FIFA ordered CAF to cancel the fixtures due to the FIFA ban imposed on Sierra Leone after the Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission headed by Francis Ben Kalfala suspended the SLFA President, Isha Johansen and General Secretary Christopher Kamara few months ago.

In a meeting in Zurich yesterday, between the world football governing body and a high-level Sierra Leone delegation led by the Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, it was also agreed that the FIFA ban would be lifted at the end of the ongoing corruption trial against the FA President & General Secretary - whether or not the two are convicted. (Photo: Juldeh Jalloh, Isha and Priscilla at peace time).

A FIFA fact-finding delegation will visit Freetown in early November to investigate outstanding allegations around match-fixing. Another delegation will follow to agree a roadmap with clear timelines leading to a long overdue congress where a new executive will be elected.

Others in the Sierra Leone delegation include the Attorney General and Minister of Justice Priscilla Schwartz and Ambassador to Switzerland Dr. Lansana Gberie and SLFA President Madam Isha Johansen. FIFA President Infantino, General Secretary Fatma Samoura, FIFA Governance, Finance and Legal all in attendance.

VP Juldeh Jalloh told the press that they were there to try to resolve the impasse with the world football governing body which banned the country from its ranks nearly two weeks ago.

Sierra Leoneans are mad football fans and will surely feel delighted that their darling national team, the Leone Stars have been given another opportunity to thrill the country once again.

Courtesy: Umaru Fofana, BBC


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