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18th March 2018

Nigerian President's Surprise Courtesy Home Call on Sierra Leone FA Boss

By a press release (13/03/18)

The former Nigerian Head of State Goodluck Jonathan has paid a surprise courtesy call on the Sierra Leone Football Association boss.


As Sierra Leoneans anxiously await the outcome of the results of the March 7 general elections the Sierra Leone Football president madam Isha Johansen received a distinguished visitor in the person of the former Nigerian President. (Photo: Isha posed with Goodluck Jonathan at home).

Goodluck Jonathan, the founder and chairman Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa EISA, is part of the International Elections Observer Mission in Sierra Leone.

Reports say he also had talks with the Norwegian and Swedish Consul to Sierra Leone Sir Arne Birger Johansen and wife Madam Isha Johansen, the only female Football Association president in Africa. She is also the first elected female CAF Executive.

The warm personal visit to their home was a significant gesture by a former leader of Africa’s leading nation whose country has always offered protection, security and aid to Sierra Leone.

Politics, democracy and sustainable peace and the show of appreciation to countries like Norway and Sweden that have supported Sierra Leone over the years, did play a major role why Goodluck Jonathan decided to meet the Johansens.

President Jonathan hoped that this trend of support would continue as Sierra Leone enters into a new dawn of political era.

The meeting would not have been complete without ending on a football note. Madam Johansen and the former Nigerian President shared views about football growth in Africa, Nigeria’s participation in the World Cup and the development of female football in Africa.


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