19th November 2017

Sierra Leone

133 Inmates Pardoned by President Koroma in Sierra Leone

By Press  Release (21/01/17)

Sierra Leone President Ernest Koroma has brought joy to many families following the release of 133 convicted prisoners in the country.

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Alie Kabba Arrested Today for Bigamy Charge in Sierra Leone

By Samuel FLY Gandi (23/12/15)

Latest reports from Sierra Leone say the SLPP candidate Alie Kabba has been arrested this morning for bigamy charge.

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Sylvia Blyden Thrills Port Loko But the Detractors Say the Opposite!!

By Press Release (07/08/16)

Dirty politics in Sierra Leone has always been the norm rather than the exception. Dr. Sylvia Blyden is the latest politician to face this injustice.

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Dr. Dennis Bright’s Scathing Attack on SLPP's 'Devil in the Detail' Issue!!

By a press release (03/07/17)

‘The devil in the detail’ has turned out to be the unresolved issue of the now famous 39 constituencies stolen by the Paopa faction.

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Lebanese Community Boss Warns Media Houses for Fake News!! 

By The Ranger (23/01/17)

President of the Sierra Leone Lebanese Community has warned the press to be aware of people dishing out fake news about the Community.

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Chief Assaults Businessman for Disputed Plot of Land in Kenema

By Philip Koroma (23/01/17)

Land grabbing in Kenema is a serious problem and the recent assault on a popular businessman for a plot of land is indicative of this.

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The Political Parties Commission Advises SLPP to Ensure Law & Order

By Press Release (05/08/16)

The Political Parties Registration Commission on Tuesday 19th July, 2016 advised the leadership of the SLPP to put its house in order.

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Sierra Leone Parliament Warns Councils to Perform or Risk Closure!!

By Press Release (07/08/16)

The Public Accounts Committee PAC chaired by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Chernor R.M Bah has issued a stern warning.

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National Registration Authority Deducts Officers’ Monies for Missing Materials!

By Philip Koroma (05/07/17)

The National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) is deducting allowances from officers involved in the missing of registration materials. 

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New Sierra Rutile White Manager Calls Sierra Leone Workers Monkeys‼

By Press  Release (21/01/17)

The new Sierra Rutile boss has been accused of racism after being caught calling Sierra Leonean workers at Sierra Rutile 'monkeys'.

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APC Praises Diana Konomanyi for Tom Tucker's Victory in Kono

By APC Media Team (21/12/15)

The expression that for every successful man, there is a woman has again been manifested in the just concluded Bye Election in Kono.

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NaCSA Blames Finance Ministry for Delaying Monies for 500 Army Widows!!

By the Ranger (07/07/17)

The National Commission for Social Action NaCSA has blamed the Finance Ministry for delaying the monies owed 500 Army War Widows.

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1958 -1980


Who Erects the Bankasoka Hydro in Port Loko, APC or KKY?

By a Guest Editor (16/11/17)

Both the ruling APC and the KKY Movement are claiming responsibility of Bankasoka! Who is saying the truth? Sierra Leoneans want to know!

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Manifest Anti-Corruption to Win the March 7, 2018 Polls!

By Abu Shaw in London (16/11/17)

Corruption is very endemic in Sierra Leone's political history! Regretably, my APC party and the main opposition SLPP party are guilty of rife corruption!!

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