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23rd July 2018

Sierra Leone

A Three-Day Cyber Security Conference Kicks Off in Sierra Leone

By Gunther AB Daramy (16/07/16)

Cyber Security is a major agenda for the Information and Broadcasting Ministry under its dynamic and proactive Minister Mohamed Bangura.

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Foreign Ministry Presents Illegal Fishing Issue as MPs Ratify the Agreement

By a press release (17/06/17)

Parliament has ratified illegal fishing Agreement that was presented by the Foreign Ministry in order to conform to international best practices.

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How the Army, Police, Motor Drivers Union, Youths Clean Dirty Freetown!! 

By Samuel J. Kargbo (19/06/17)

From the darkest city to the dirtiest one is no understatement as far as Freetown, the economic capital of Sierra Leone, is concerned.

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John Benjamin Says Maada's SLPP is a Reckless and Distracted Group

By Abdul M. Bangura (16/07/16)

An ardent SLPP politician lambasting another ardent SLPP politician is an unfortunate milestone that happens only in the SLPP party.

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Port Loko Youths, Heartland of the APC Party, Support Dr. Kaifala Marah

By a press release (17/06/17)

The populist wave of the leading APC flagbearer aspirant Dr. Kaifala Marah has hit Port Loko town, the heartland of the ruling APC party.

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Sylvia Blyden Says Radio FM98.1 in Dangerous and Nasty Journalism!!

 By Abdul Malik Bangura (23/07/16)

The 98.1 FM radio is leading the unethical race to smear the good name of Dr. Sylvia Blyden due to her firm stance to avert corruption.

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Kambia and Tonkolili Local Council Bye Elections Slated for June 30

By Solomon Kalokoh (15/06/17)

The National Electoral Commission has said local council bye elections will take place in Kambia and Tonkolili districts on June 30.

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Bye-Election in Kailahun is a Victory for the APC - Lauds Scribe Yansaneh

By Gunther AB Daramy (22/07/16)

Despite losing the elections to the opposition SLPP, the ruling APC government still believes the Kailahun result is a massive victory for APC.

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Government Renege on Local Talents Created by the Local Content Policy!

By the Ranger (19/06/17)

The Local Content Policy enacted into law under the Finance Act to assist local talents is allegedly being undermined by the authorities.

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SLPP Expulsions and Suspensions Take the Party to New Low!!

By Fayia Amara Fayia (07/01/17)

Sierra Leone's main opposition party the SLPP, has found itself in the lowest of the low as expulsions and suspensions continue unabated.

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Sho-Sawyer Constituency 108: A Shining Light for MPs in Sierra Leone

By Saidu G. B. Kamara (09/01/17)

Four years along the line, Sierra Leone is enjoying one of the most performing Member of Parliament in the person of Dr. Sho-Sawyer.

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The Failure of Imported Juju Man from Niger to Harm Dr. Sylvia Blyden!!

By Press Release (23/07/16)

The publishes why and how an imported Juju man from Niger to woefully failed to harm God fearing Dr. Sylvia O. Blyden.

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1958 -1980


Who Can Tell Me that Ernest Koroma's APC Government was Not Corrupt? Tell Me!

By Thomson Josephus Dixon (21/07/18)

People want to circumvent the issues in the Governance Transition Team Report which ordinary Sierra Leoneans know are public secret.

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A Worthy National Security Message for President Julius Maada Bio!

By Enzay Amara (21/07/18)

I have listened to a recapitulation of the GTT Report and the criminality with which Ex-President Ernest Koroma's government looted our country is unforgivable.

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