24th September 2017

Sierra Leone

International Benchmarks System Monitors Ministries in Sierra Leone

By Joseph S.N. Turay (31/01/17)

The Sierra Leone International Benchmarks System, (SLIBS) has recently started the new year with monitoring of MDA's in the country.

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Is SLPP in the Game Under Maada Bio as KKY Defects to No Man's Land?

By Unisa Thorlu Conteh (15/07/17)

The defection of Dr. Kandeh Yumkella of KKY from the troubled SLPP may have opened the way for Maada Bio to clinch SLPP slot.

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Tumac Radio Awards Sylvia Blyden for Selfless Service to Sierra Leone

By Emmanuel Kamara (10/01/16)

Tumac Radio 89.3 FM in the East End of Freetown has awarded Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden for her 'selfless service in Sierra Leone.'

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Ernest Koroma’s Judicial Promotions Hailed by the Sierra Leone Parliament

By a press release (13/07/17)

There were smiles everywhere during the recent judicial promotions as excited parliamentarians ratified the presidential judicial nominees.

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NRA, Others Failing to Implement the 2016 Finance Act in Totality?

Asks The Ranger (19/08/16)

Why are important stakeholders failing to implement the 2016 Finance Act? It is the main burning question at the moment in Sierra Leone.

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Why Did Journalist Tam Bayoh Decline to Interview the Two CFN Minors?

By Abdul Malik Bangura (02/02/17)

Many media houses in Sierra Leone have granted interviews to the controversial minors but journalist Tam Bayoh rightly did otherwise.

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Kabala Riot Yesterday: 3 Dead as Youths Rampage, Police Usher Calm!!

By Police Press Release (17/08/16)

There was pandemonium in Kabala yesterday following reports of skirmishes by youths on the rampage but the police calmed the situation.

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Elections Comm Registers Rose Marie for MP in Tonkolili District

By Joseph S. N. Turay (02/02/17)

The National Electoral Commission NEC has registered Rose Marie Bangura to contest for the member of parliament seat in Tonkolili. 

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Bo City Council Chairman Bindi Reveals the 2016/18 Revenue Plan

By Patrick Jakema in Bo (12/01/16)

The Bo District Council Chairman, Joseph Munda Bindi says increased revenue mobilisation is indispensable for the 2016/2018 budget.

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See How Our Nation's Progeny Quickly Throw Their Anger at Govt

By Diana F. Konomanyi (02/02/17)

I am of the supreme conviction that our young ones are yet to utilise the full opportunities offered by the social media in our midst today.

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Energy Minister Rolled out APC Government Energy Road Map for 2025

By press release (15/07/17)

Sustaining energy is the bedrock of national development and that is why President Ernest Koroma’s 2025 energy vision is welcome news.

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Diana Konomanyi, Lands and Housing Minister Levy Praises on Her Boss

By press release (17/07/17)

Being grateful to one’s boss is a rare commodity in Sierra Leone’s political circle but the Lands Minister Diana Konomanyi is an exception.

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1958 -1980


Local Content Policy is Excellent Achievement for Ernest

By Ranger, Guest Editor (03/09/17)

One of the good things under the present APC administration is ushering the Local Content Act that empowers local businesses to excel.

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Sierra Leone and China: Who Owns the Toll Road from Hastings to Masiaka?

Asks Pastor Mohamed Sesay (03/09/17)

This is the question being asked by Sierra Leoneans after the Chinese started collecting monies in the name of Toll Road Tax.

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