19th November 2017

Sierra Leone

SLAJ President Kelvin Drags Sierra Leone Journalism to the Gutter!

By Aruna Turay (09/09/17)

The President of the Sierra Leone Journalists is a dictator! He deletes any opposing views posted by members on SLAJ Whatapps!!

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Onion Farm in Madina Changes Peoples' Lives in Kafu Bullom Lungi

By Press Release (17/01/17)

A master farmer who owns an onion farm in Madina, Lungi has expressed the positive impacts onion products are having on the villagers.

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Electricity Customers Express Anger for Poor Power Supply in Freetown

By N'Bompa Turay (29/06/17) 

Poor electricity supply has been a cancer in Sierra Leone’s history as current customers continuously cry for better power services.

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The Alie Kabba Circus: Editor Sorie Fofana's Journalistic Blunder!!

By Diana Media Team (29/07/16)

The Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba's political campaign is gradually going from bad to worse thanks to his deceptive national vision.

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Is Business Oriented John Bono Sisay Perfect for the APC Leadership?

By a press release (27/06/17)

As the APC flagbearer slot to replace President Ernest Koroma gains momentum, a name that refuses to go away is John Bono Sisay.

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Journalist Bailed as Clash with Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Intensifies

By SLAJ Press Release (01/08/16)

As bad blood between some journalists and government officials continues, the latest journalist involved Sam Lahai has been bailed.

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"Maada Bio is Not a Doctor," Says SLPP Acting Deputy Chairman/Leader 

By Press Release (15/01/17)

Stalwarts of Sierra Leone People's Party are annoying supporters everyday as accusations and counter accusations fly helter shelter.

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FBC Outlines Reasons for the Sacking of Professor Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah

By FBC press Release (01/08/16)

The University of Sierra Leone has finally made public the reasons why professor Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah was recently dismissed. It reads thus:

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SLPP President Tejan Kabbah was a Bad War Leader in Sierra Leone!!!

By Oswald Hanciles (17/01/17)

Tejan Kabbah was unquestionably a bad war leader. He lost his capital city twice to the AFRC/RUF forces in May 1997 and January1999.

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Local Farmers and Manufacturers Prefer the Finance Act 2016 to 2017 Bill

By the Ranger (27/06/17)

Local farmers and manufacturers in Sierra Leone have openly sided the Finance Act 2016 denouncing the 2017 Act as bad for business.

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"Electricity is Everybody´s Business," Minister of Energy Reminds

By Press Release (17/01/17)

Sierra Leone's energetic Minister of Energy and Power has reminded all Sierra Leoneans that electricity is everybody's business to succeed.

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MPs Warn Gbekie against Complacency for Improving Small Businesses

By a press release (29/06/17)

MPs have warned the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency SME boss Mr. Raymond Kai Gbekie against complacency.

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1958 -1980


Who Erects the Bankasoka Hydro in Port Loko, APC or KKY?

By a Guest Editor (16/11/17)

Both the ruling APC and the KKY Movement are claiming responsibility of Bankasoka! Who is saying the truth? Sierra Leoneans want to know!

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Manifest Anti-Corruption to Win the March 7, 2018 Polls!

By Abu Shaw in London (16/11/17)

Corruption is very endemic in Sierra Leone's political history! Regretably, my APC party and the main opposition SLPP party are guilty of rife corruption!!

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