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21st July 2018

Sierra Leone

MPs Ratify Bumbuna Hydro Phase 2 Project! Will it Usher 24/7 Electricity?

By a press release (04/12/17)

Rare green light from bi-partisan parliamentarians became a reality when Phase 2 Project of the Bunbuna Hydro was unanimously endorsed.

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Oil Exploration and Drilling Companies get Extension Period in Sierra Leone

By a press release (06/12/17)

Reports from Freetown say foreign companies drilling oil have been given more extension to continue to do business in the country.

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Supreme Leader's Friendly Gestures Now Crown his Dishonesty and Hypocrisy!

By a Concern Citizen (29/03/18)

Sierra Leoneans are questioning why President Ernest Koroma has suddenly become so generous to the opposition over the last few weeks! 

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APC Smiles as APC Fan S.I. Koroma Wins March 31 Run-Off Ruling in Court!

By Abu Shaw in London (27/03/18)

Cocky but jittery APC government has achieved its postponement dream after the Supreme Court endorsed the wish of a diehard APC supporter.

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NGC Founder Yasmin Jusu Sheriff Dismisses the APC Liars for Yumkella's Case!

By a press release (29/03/18)

"The case has not been discontinued as purported by the APC in social media," one of the founders of the National Grand Coalition Party noted.

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SLPP Government has no Choice but to Increase Fuel Prices in Sierra Leone!

By Rodney Michael (21/07/18)

As the fuel subsidy debate rages on in Sierra Leone, this author has noted some reasons why the SLPP govt has to increase fuel prices. 

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Rife-Corruption Renders the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists Bankrupt!

By Abu Shaw in London (04/12/17)

Overtly baffling when the beleaguered president of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists recently confirmed that SLAJ is bankrupt!

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A Sierra Leone Journalist Narrates his Nightmare after the Beatings in Freetown!

By a press release (20/07/18)

The testimony of a Sierra Leone journalist who was mercilessly beaten and subjected to molestation but the police seem to turn the other way.

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"SLPP Protest was a Master Plan to Badly Intimidate Political Opponents," APC

By a press release (21/07/18)

The recent protest has been dubbed 'a sham' by the APC party adding that it was engineered by the SLPP government to harass opponents.

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MPs Urge Government to Improve the Poor Ports Facilities in Sierra Leone!

By a press release (06/12/17)

The government has been urged by parliamentarians to urgently improve and expand the sub-standard Ports to facilitate global standard.

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NEC Confirms 3788 Voter Cards in Wrong Places and 105 Mismatched Photos!

By a press release (06/12/17)

Bungling elections voter cards have become the norm rather than the exception as far as the National Electoral Commission is concerned!

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Kandeh Yumkella is the Hottest Ticket in the Race for the Presidential Seat!

By Kobi Amoo-Gottfried (08/12/17)

Observers of Sierra Leone politics believe Dr. Kandeh Yumkella of the National Grand Coalition is a real force to reckon with in 2018 elections.

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1958 -1980


Who Can Tell Me that Ernest Koroma's APC Government was Not Corrupt? Tell Me!

By Thomson Josephus Dixon (21/07/18)

People want to circumvent the issues in the Governance Transition Team Report which ordinary Sierra Leoneans know are public secret.

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A Worthy National Security Message for President Julius Maada Bio!

By Enzay Amara (21/07/18)

I have listened to a recapitulation of the GTT Report and the criminality with which Ex-President Ernest Koroma's government looted our country is unforgivable.

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