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18th March 2018

Sierra Leone

History of Foulah Town and how Yorubas Displaced the Fulas!!

By a press release (31/03/17)

Slave ships captured on the high seas under the British Parliamentary Act of 1807 began to arrive in the Colony of Sierra Leone in 1810.

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Historical Facts that Point to Reasons for the Recent Tragic Floods!!

By a press release (03/09/17)

The August 14 Freetown floods may have been caused by these historical facts that authorities past and present might have overlooked.

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Kaifala Marah, the APC Flagbearer is the Man with the Midas Touch

By a press release (02/04/17)

As the APC party flag-bearer draws nearer, the one name that continues to be bandied around in Sierra Leone is erudite Dr. Kaifala Marah. 

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Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism SL’s Interim Committee

By a press release (03/09/17)

The Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism Sierra Leone (ASSET-SL) has appointed an Interim Committee to run the affairs.

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AMR Gold's 200 Million Leones Projects for Sella Limba in Bombali

By Press Release (14/03/16)

The 200 million Leones worth of projects for the people of Sella Limba in Bombali District will cover many areas of development projects.

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SLPP Leader’s Son Surprisingly Campaigns for APC Flagbearer Candidate

By a press release (03/09/17)

Democracy at work in Sierra Leone politics! Observers were stunned when they saw SLPP leader’s son campaigning for APC flagbearer!

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Christmas Come Early for Amputee Boy Following Sylvia Blyden's Visit

By Ibrahim Jalloh (21/10/16)

Christmas actually came early for an amputated teenager in Freetown when he recently received an unexpected high profile visitor.

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Sho-Sawyer Kicks Off the Sensitisation of Voter Registration Campaign

By Saidu G. B. Kamara (02/04/17)

The endorsed member of parliament for second term for Constituency 108 Dr Michel Sho-Sawyer has started sensitising voter registration. 

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Sylvia Nomination Highlights Ernest Koroma's Cabinet Reshuffle

By Abu Shaw in London (16/03/16)

President Ernest Koroma's cabinet reshuffle and nominations have brought smiles and sadness to many Sierra Leoneans home and abroad.

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Ernest Blames Aspirants Who Disobey APC Rules by Jumping the Gun!

By State House (31/03/17)

President Ernest Koroma has rubbished APC flag-bearer aspirants who disobeyed the party rules and regulations by jumping the gun.

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Notorious Teenage Thief Dies at the Government Hospital in Kenema

By Philip Koroma (21/10/16)

Startling reports have confirmed the death of a notorious teenager noted for his dubious nocturnal activities in Kenema District.

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MP Kombor Kamara Provides Transport Facilities for Lokomasama

By Medish (23/10/16)

The provision of transportation for Lokomasama by their hard working parliamentarian Honourable Kombor Kamara is welcome news.

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1958 -1980


Peace at Risk as Politics Becomes Means of Amassing Unexplained Wealth!

By Mahmud T. Kargbo (11/03/18)
It is always easier for our politicians to talk about virtues in the abstract or when it relates to others in distant climes.

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APC Does Not Want International Community to Determine its Democracy!

By Sheka Tarawalie (11/03/18)
The author, an official of the APC government, said they do not want the global community to be sole determiners of Sierra Leone democracy.

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