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24th March 2018

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leoneans Must Think Beyond Tribal and Regional Lines for their Ballots!

By Sorie Gassama (08/12/17)

A patriotic Sierra Leonean has cautioned his compatriots to be wise this time round to vote without any tribal and regional sentiments.

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Ex-APC Minister and Presidential Candidate in Politically Motivated Arrest!

By a press release (14/12/17)

This arrest highlights the dark side of the ruling APC government. 'Be with us till thy kingdom come or you perish by running away. Tolongbo'!

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Why Samura Admirer Thinks he Will Secure State House for the APC Come 2018!

By Abdulai Kychom (21/12/17)

Within my social circles, I normally meet people asking who Dr Samura Kamara is? But over the past weeks, something has changed dramatically! 

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NGC Leader on Tour after a Brief Appreciable Stop-Over in Masiaka Town!

By a press release (11/12/17)

The National Grand Coalition presidential candidate is on tour. A brief stop-over in Masiaka at the weekend was appreciated by inhabitants.

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National Petroleum Station, the Biggest in Sierra Leone, Opens in Freetown

By the Ranger (19/12/17)

The newly refurbish and popular National Petroleum Station at Kissy Road, the biggest in the country, has been officially opened in Freetown. 

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Like Momoh, Samura will Get to Know No Secrets of the Krio Society Lodge!

By Pastor M. Sesay (21/12/17)

My piece entitled: 'Nothing now for the APC Krios - used, misused and trashed', there came many reactions from mostly born and bred Krios!

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SLPP Stronghold Welcomes Daughter & APC Incoming First Lady in Pujehun!

By a press release (11/12/17)

The people of Pujehun district came out in hundreds to welcome the incoming APC First Lady in the stronghold of main opposition SLPP.

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Jawie Chiefdom Children Revive the Warriors' Association in Kailahun

By Augustine Samba (19/12/17)

The children of Jawie Chiefdom have put plans in place to transform the unity of indigenes leading to sustainable development in Kailahun.

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Is Monetary Reason Why NEC Prints Calamity Voter ID Cards in Sierra Leone?

By a press release (21/12/17)

The National Electoral Commission is currently correcting the wrongs recently found in the calamitous Voter ID card mistakes in Sierra Leone.

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NGC Leader Jogs at Aberdeen Beach after Successful Kailahun Tours in the East

By a press release (14/12/17)

The leader of the National Grand Coalition was seen jogging along Aberdeen beach in Freetown after his successful tours in the east.

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Samura's Magic Touch as 3 Strong SLPP Members Join APC in Kamakwie!

By a press release (19/12/17)

Dr. Samura Kamara's magic touch takes effect as three SLPP heavyweights in Kamakwie have waved good bye to join the APC. 

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Maada's 'Blocking the Leakages' Message on BBC is very Sour in APC's Ears!

By Pastor M. Sesay (23/12/17)

Maada Bio's interview on BBC Focus on Africa came down like a sledgehammer on the head of the ruling All Peoples Congress party.

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1958 -1980


Calls to Dismantle the Rigging Cabal within NEC as Run-Off Looms!

By a Guest Editor (20/03/18)

It started long ago. Whilst we focused on posts in other workplaces; they focused on posts in National Electoral Commission.

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Sierra Leoneans Question the Integrity of CSOs and Local Election Observers!

By Political Logic (20/03/18)
Civil societies and local electoral observers have put gears of political parties which make their activities largely bias in the eyes of the people.

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