19th November 2017

Sierra Leone

Zainab Campaigns on Social Justice and Sustainable  Development

By Augustine Koroma S. (11/10/17)

Madam Zainab Hawa Bangura is one of the two ladies vying for the priceless APC flag bearer slot to lead the party to the 2018 elections.

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Momoh Vandi, Deputy Finance Minister, is the Darling of Kenema!  

By Ibrahim Alieu Kanu (15/10/17)

Kenema inhabitants have generally accepted and openly embraced Momoh Vandi for his ground breaking humanitarian gestures. 

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Samura Kamara's Reconciliatory Wow Speech and the Rousing Welcome

By a press release (17/10/17)

The acceptance speech by the APC flag bearer has wowed party members as they see his message healing and reconcilatory.

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APC Minister Kaikai Welcomes 50 SLPP Youth Defectors in Kenema!!

By Fayia Amara Fayia (11/10/17)

Over 50 SLPP party youths openly declared for the ruling APC party in Kenema and were warmly welcomed by the Local Government Minister.

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Samura Kamara and Maada to Contest the 2018 Presidential Elections!!

By Abu Shaw in London (15/10/17)

It has just been confirmed that APC and SLPP parties have elected Dr. Samura Kamara and Maada Bio for the 2018 elections respectively.

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Maada Consoles SLPP Losers JOB, Alie, Others & Asks for Divine Support!                       

The SLPP presidential candidate has chiselled his first political masterstroke by visiting the flag bearers and begging for divine support.

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Silence as SLPP Supporters Attack APC Headquarters in Freetown!!

By a press release (13/10/17)

Civil and human rights advocates and pontificating journalists kept silent after SLPP supporters attacked the APC Headquarters in Freetown.

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Clean Beaches are Sierra Leone's Unique Selling Point to Attract Tourists!

By a press release (17/10/17)

Sierra Leone's unique selling point is having clean beaches. Maintaining the clean campaign will attract thousands of tourists every year.

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APC Reminds Angry Port Loko Protesters that Samura is also from Port Loko!!

By Abu Shaw in London (19/10/17)

The vexation imbibed in some APC members in the east, north and south of the country because of Samura Kamara is a blessing in disguise.

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Victor Foh, Maada on the Verge of Leading APC, SLPP in 2018 Elections!!

By Abu Shaw in London (13/10/17)

Sources in Sierra Leone say Victor Bockarie Foh and Julius Maada Bio will lead the APC party and the SLPP party respectively in 2018 elections.

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Maada's SLPP Acceptance Speech & How he Defeated JOB and Others

By a press release (17/10/17)

The overwhelming victory of Julius Maada Bio to lead the SLPP was long overdue as the defeated candidates joined the 'Paopa' camp. 

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"How and Why Dr. Samura Kamara was Selected," NAC Insider Reveals!!!

By a press release (21/101/17)

At a special NAC meet in Makeni, President Ernest Koroma presented Dr. Samura Kamara's name to the surprise of almost all of the NAC.

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1958 -1980


Who Erects the Bankasoka Hydro in Port Loko, APC or KKY?

By a Guest Editor (16/11/17)

Both the ruling APC and the KKY Movement are claiming responsibility of Bankasoka! Who is saying the truth? Sierra Leoneans want to know!

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Manifest Anti-Corruption to Win the March 7, 2018 Polls!

By Abu Shaw in London (16/11/17)

Corruption is very endemic in Sierra Leone's political history! Regretably, my APC party and the main opposition SLPP party are guilty of rife corruption!!

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