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26th May 2018

Sierra Leone

Sam Sumana: The Comeback Kid and Major Events of his Sacking and Return!

By a press release (23/03/18) 

Former Vice President Sam Sumana has obviously returned big time, a triumphant return that has punctured the APC in the March 7 polls.

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President Koroma’s Snubbing of Disability Issues is Bad Omen for the APC!

By a press release (02/12/17)

President of Sierra Leone Ernest Koroma is stumbling towards the finishing line of his tenure as the March 7, 2018 general election nears.

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Africel Life Insurance: Sierra Leone is Comfortable with Low Cost Services!

By Ranger (04/12/17)

Africel, a telecommunications giant provider, has taken a step forward in providing life insurance policies at a very low cost in Sierra Leone!

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Police Probing NEC Emails for Back Dating the Signatures of Election Results!

By Mohamed Kamara (23/03/18)

Police are investigating the National Electoral Commission emails for allegedly giving instructions to back date signatures of election results.

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SLPP’s Wish Granted as Ernest Sacks Police Chief! New Army Chief also Appointed!!

By a press release (02/12/17)

President Ernest Koroma has granted the wish of the SLPP party by sacking the controversial Inspector General of Police Francis Munu.

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Njala University Mourns APC Police Brutality on Black Thursday with Tears!

By a press release (27/03/18)

Students at Njala University have remembered one of the darkest days in their history by reminiscing the APC police brutality on their campus.

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President Koroma Accused of Bribing Opposition Politicians US$10,000 for APC!

By Abu Shaw in London (23/03/18)

The March 27 run-off election is getting dirtier by the minute as accusation of high level bribery flies in the corridors of power State House.

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Tuesday's Run-Off in Doubt for High Court Injunction but NEC Says Polls will Go On!

By Abu Shaw in London (25/03/18)

An interim injunction by High Court in Freetown to stop the March 27 run-off has been slammed by the National Electoral Commission NEC.

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MPs Ratify Bumbuna Hydro Phase 2 Project! Will it Usher 24/7 Electricity?

By a press release (04/12/17)

Rare green light from bi-partisan parliamentarians became a reality when Phase 2 Project of the Bunbuna Hydro was unanimously endorsed.

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Minah's Last Words Indict the APC Party's Betrayal of their Vice Presidents!

By a press release (25/03/18)

The ruling APC government has very high marks for betraying their vice presidents past and present. It's a DNA that continues to haunt the APC.

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"We Will Not Support APC or SLPP," NGC and C4C Reiterate Neutrality in Run-Off!

By press releases (27/03/18)

Detractors continue to misinform the public about the genuine neutrality of NGC and C4C parties in the run-off which they allude to mere lies.

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APC Smiles as APC Fan S.I. Koroma Wins March 31 Run-Off Ruling in Court!

By Abu Shaw in London (27/03/18)

Cocky but jittery APC government has achieved its postponement dream after the Supreme Court endorsed the wish of a diehard APC supporter.

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1958 -1980


Six Failings of SLPP Government's Inauguration at the Siaka Stevens Stadium!

By Fuad Y. Bangura (21/05/18)

President Julius Maada Bio's Inauguration on May 12 at the Siaka Stevens Stadium has come and gone but more organisational questions remain.

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SLPP Party is on Fire! An Advice to President Julius Maada Bio!!

By Angry SLPP Supporter (21/05/18)

Good Morning Mr. President, it is true that power comes from God but don't forget that He uses people to bring it to fulfilment.

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