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15th August 2018

Sierra Leone

Aki-Sawyerr Romances Market Women & Thorpe's Mayoral Vision

By a press release (25/12/17)

The elections campaign for the coveted Mayoral hot seat in Freetown is gaining momentum as two front runners continue romancing voters.  

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SLRSA Poised to Make Sure Vehicles are Road Worthy and Safe before Registration!

By a press release (05/08/18)

The Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority is to properly implement vehicle fitness to ensure that vehicles are road worthy before registration.

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Sierra Leone's Famous Musician Emmerson Bockarie Congrats President Maada Bio

By a press release (10/04/18)

The Sugar Entertainment company, owns by popular Sierra Leone musician Emmerson Bockarie, has congratulated President Maada Bio.

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How SLPP Govt Calm Two Commercial Banks after Workers' Strike in Sierra Leone!

By a press release (04/08/18)

Major stakeholders in Sierra Leone have intervened to calm the waters as staff in two commercial banks went on strike for allowance problems.

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Opposition APC Party Dominates the New Parliament as SLPP, C4C, NGC Follow!

By a press release (09/04/18)

The new Sierra Leone Parliament is dominated by the opposition APC but the tendency for new parties to minimise APC's majority is high.   

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Sierra Leone: Prison Houses 90 Mothers and Children, 1 Doctor for 1000 Inmates!

By Sabrina & Maeve (10/04/18)

Sierra Leone's maximum security prison for women houses 90 women and their children, with only one doctor serving over 1000 prisoners!

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Victor Foh Contradicts Samura's Selection Version at Ernest Koroma's Convention!

By Abu Shaw in London (25/12/17)

Vice President Victor Foh has contradicted Dr. Samura Kamara's version of what transpired behind closed doors at the APC Convention.

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Dozens of Furious Limbas Blast SLPP for Imposing Madingo Chief on Limba Tribe!

By Emmanuel I. Kamara (05/08/18)

Latest reports say dozens of Limbas have blasted SLPP government's plans to appoint a Madingo Chief in Limba Chiefdom in Sierra Leone.

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Ebola Survivors Describe Centre of Accountability and Law as Opportunists!

By a press release (29/12/17)

The Centre of Accountability and the Rule of Law (CARL) is under fire after Ebola survivors dissociated themselves from its membership.

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Former APC Minister Predicted Bio's Victory Six Months Ago, but APC Paid Dead Ears!

By a press release (09/04/18)

"I predicted it five to six months back my dear...I had been worried the APC was too complacent," former APC Minister Dr. Sylvia Blyden noted.

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The Political Parties Commission Certifies Two More Parties in Sierra Leone

By a press release (27/12/17)

The Political Parties Registration Commission has certificated two more political parties as the March 7, 2018 general elections nears. 

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Widespread Bloody Violence Condemned as Police Killed, Musician Injured!

By Abu Shaw in London (11/04/18)

Ten years of SLPP in the political wilderness has taken its toll as supporters of the newly elected SLPP gov't have sadly become bloody.

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1958 -1980


How Seriously Sick is the Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio?

Asks Pastor Mohamed Sesay, Guest Editor (14/08/18)

The rumour mill has gone overdrive recently regarding the health of the Sierra Leone Head of State. Now questions are being asked.

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Should the Innocent Suffer for the Wicked? - A Test Case for President Bio!

By the Ranger (14/08/18)

It is hoped that the new direction by the SLPP government will usher in a new system where the wicked pay the price and the innocent placated.

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