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15th August 2018

Sierra Leone

Electoral Commission Sacks APC Party Tally Centre Staff at NEC for Malpractices!

By a press release (13/03/18)

As Sierra Leoneans eagerly await the elections results, a ruling APC con who works at the National Electoral Commission has been axed. 

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APC Member’s Frank Letter that Highlights a Bleak Future for the APC Party If...!

By Dr. Yahya Kalokoh (18/11/17)

I love President Ernest Bai Koroma. But I love our APC party more. And most importantly, I love my country Sierra Leone the most.

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“APC Party Used, Misused and Trashed the APC Krios,” SLPP Fan Accuses!

By Pastor M. Sesay (20/11/17)

A startling attack on the ruling APC party by a supporter of the SLPP party accusing the APC of using, misusing and trashing APC Krios!

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Ombudsman Creates Better Working Relationships with Stakeholders in Bo

By a press release (18/11/17)

As part of the ongoing outreach to the districts, Day 9 of the Ombudsman Meet-the-People-Tour and Intake Clinic alighted in Bo.

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Legal Aid Board Praises the Police for Recruiting a Sign Language Interpreter!

By a press release (15/03/18)

The Legal Aid Board has thanked the Sierra Leone Police for recruiting sign language interpreters in the force in line with their recommendation. 

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Serious Allegations of APC Elections Rigging and Assassination Plots Revealed!

By a press release (15/03/18)

Frightening allegations of misgivings and corrupt rigging practices and plots to assassinate politicians by the ruling APC have been disclosed.

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First Placed SLPP Slugs-it-Out with the Ruling APC in March 27 Run-Off Elections!

By Abdul R. Thomas (14/03/18)

On Tuesday, 27 March 2018, Sierra Leoneans will do it all over again when they will choose between APC's Samura and SLPP's Maada.

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ADP Party Leader Brands the NGC as a ‘Gay Party’ but the Coalition Refutes!!

By Ahmed Sesay (18/11/17)

The campaign is getting nasty as claims by the leader of the Alliance Democratic Party that the National Grand Coalition party is gay!

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Run-Off: Opposition Demand Removal of APC Minister's Brother from the North!

By a press release (17/03/18)

Opposition parties are calling on for the immediate removal of APC Minister's brother as National Electoral Commission boss in the north.

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APC Party Hierarchy Blasted for Neglecting Late APC Journalist Sorie Sudan! 

By a press release (07/07/18)

APC supporters have vented angry opposition for the negative manner in which the APC hierarchy maltreated an ardent APC supporter in death.

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APC Unwelcome Plan to Bring SSS5 Rubbish in Sierra Leone's Educational System!

By Pastor M. Sesay (15/03/18)

There is but one thing that is totally indisputable about the outgoing APC party and that is it's heartless characteristics towards citizens.

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Excellent Start as Samura Sparks and Thrills APC Support Base in the West!

By Sheriff M. Ismail (20/11/17)

People lined up the streets from Regent, up to Waterloo onto Newton, waving, singing and dancing in acclamation of Dr. Samura Kamara.

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1958 -1980


How Seriously Sick is the Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio?

Asks Pastor Mohamed Sesay, Guest Editor (14/08/18)

The rumour mill has gone overdrive recently regarding the health of the Sierra Leone Head of State. Now questions are being asked.

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Should the Innocent Suffer for the Wicked? - A Test Case for President Bio!

By the Ranger (14/08/18)

It is hoped that the new direction by the SLPP government will usher in a new system where the wicked pay the price and the innocent placated.

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