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22nd January 2018

Sierra Leone

President Koroma Condones Corruption by Sacking Anti-Corruption Minister!

By Abu Shaw in London (24/11/17)

Finally, the Sierra Leone President Koroma has endorsed corruption in governance after he shockingly axed a minister who defies corruption!

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APC Founders Itching in Graves as APC Prioritises Corrupt Governance!

By Abu Shaw in London (28/11/17)

Corruption imbibed in the ruling APC government led by President Ernest Koroma, is shaming and driving many party members away!

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SLPP’s Wish Granted as Ernest Sacks Police Chief! New Army Chief also Appointed!!

By a press release (02/12/17)

President Ernest Koroma has granted the wish of the SLPP party by sacking the controversial Inspector General of Police Francis Munu.

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"Nothing Wrong to Disagree to Agree for Good of APC,” EBK’s Daughter

By Hassan Bruz (26/11/17)

President Ernest Koroma’s daughter echoed to APC members that there is nothing wrong to disagree to agree for the common good of the party.

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ECOWAS Declares Sam Sumana’s Removal Illegal as APC Denounces!

By a press release (28/11/17)

ECOWAS Court of Justice in Nigeria has declared the removal of Sierra Leone former Vice President Sam Sumana as illegal, null and void!

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Africel Life Insurance: Sierra Leone is Comfortable with Low Cost Services!

By Ranger (04/12/17)

Africel, a telecommunications giant provider, has taken a step forward in providing life insurance policies at a very low cost in Sierra Leone!

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Con Businesses Import Contaminated and Foul Smelling Fuel in Sierra Leone!

By the Ranger (26/11/17)

Government is presently investigating a contaminated and stinking fuel that was shipped in the country putting public consumers at risk.

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NGC Member Espouses Why Sierra Leoneans Must Vote for Yumkella!

By Sheikh U. Kamarah (28/11/17)

The NGC leader, as espoused by one of our brilliant minds and intellectual giants of our generation is hinting why voters should love the NGC!

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MPs Ratify Bumbuna Hydro Phase 2 Project! Will it Usher 24/7 Electricity?

By a press release (04/12/17)

Rare green light from bi-partisan parliamentarians became a reality when Phase 2 Project of the Bunbuna Hydro was unanimously endorsed.

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Why Ernest’s Image in Tatters after Sacking an Anti-Corruption Champion!

By Abu Shaw in London (26/11/17)

Independent observers in and outside Sierra Leone could not comprehend the wisdom in the dismissal of Welfare Minister Dr. Sylvia Blyden.

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President Koroma’s Snubbing of Disability Issues is Bad Omen for the APC!

By a press release (02/12/17)

President of Sierra Leone Ernest Koroma is stumbling towards the finishing line of his tenure as the March 7, 2018 general election nears.

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Rife-Corruption Renders the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists Bankrupt!

By Abu Shaw in London (04/12/17)

Overtly baffling when the beleaguered president of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists recently confirmed that SLAJ is bankrupt!

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1958 -1980


Who is More Loyal to Sierra Leone? Diasporans or Homebase?

By Sankara Kamara, Guest Editor (20/01/18)
The dual citizenship ploy by the ruling APC government has put in the limelight the question about patriotism in Sierra Leone.

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I Spotted the Presidential Material in Yumkella in 2009!

By Umaru Fofana, BBC (20/01/18)
In November 2009 at the Westminster hall in London I was covering the Sierra Leone development partners’ conference.

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