25th July 2017

Sierra Leone

MP Blasts Welt Hunger Hilfe Over Solar Energy Project in Kailahun District

By Philip Koroma (10/02/17)

A member of parliament of Constituency 007 in the Kailahun district has lambasted Welt Hunger Hilfe for breaching a vital agreement.

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27 Million Leones Missing at the Health Management Office in Pujehun

By Joseph M. Lebbie (29/08/16)

Corruption is obviously not diminishing in Sierra Leone and the latest financial scandal has hits the Pujehun Health Management Team.

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APC Port Loko Divided over Alpha Khan's Intention to Run for President!!

By a Press Release (29/08/16)

Since the declaration by Alpha Khan to run for the presidency under the APC, there has been resentments from Port Loko, his town of origin.

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Dozens Feared Exposed Following Death of Student in Sierra Leone

Courtesy: Reuters (20/01/16)

A woman who died of Ebola recently in Sierra Leone potentially exposed dozens of other people to the disease, an aid agency reports.

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Parliament versus Abdul Fatorma. Is it a David versus Goliath Fight?

Asks Oswald Hanciles (12/02/17)

Abdul Fatorma is like a terrorist group of the nature of  Al Qaeda, ISIL, Boko Haram – when under attack, they can dangerously mutate.

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Eight Senior Officers of the Sierra Leone Army Promoted to Brigadier

By a Press Release (01/09//16)

The spirit of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces has been uplifted thanks to the recent promotion of eight senior officers.

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Sierra Leone has Recovered from Ebola – and is Now Facing a New Crisis

By Jo Lehmann (29/08/16)

In the distance the sound of three women wailing in pain at the loss of their child echoed around the walls of the hospital in Sierra Leone.

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Water and Sanitation Projects in Makeni, Bo and Kenema Ratified by MPs

By a press release (25/07/17)

The Water and Sanitation project agreement creating jobs for 120 youths in Makeni, Bo and Kenema has been ratified by parliament.

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United Indigenous Commercial Union Meets Chairman in Kenema

By Philip Koroma (14/02/17)

The Kono United Indigenous Commercial Petty Traders Union meets with the Regional Chair Mohamed K. Mansaray in Kenema.

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Cry for Justice as Teacher Impregnates a Teenage Daughter, 17, in Makeni

By a press release (25/07/17)

A mother, whose 17 year-old-daughter was impregnated by her own school teacher, is crying for justice in Makeni north of Sierra Leone.

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“More Time is not President Koroma’s Idea,” VP Foh Asserts

By Alimatu Fofanah (23/01/16)

The second citizen in Sierra Leone Vice President Victor Foh has rubbished claims that the President is requesting for more time in power.

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Alie Kabba: Back to Prison as SLPP Could not Fulfill Bail Condition!

By Abu Shaw (20/01/16)

SLPP politician and bigamy suspect Alie Kabba has been taken to Pademba Road prison again for the inability to fulfill bail condition.

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1958 -1980


APC Must Drop Complacency to Win the 2018 Elections!

By Guest Editor (09/07/17)

Complacency, party affiliations and overconfidence are the causes why the APC lost the bye elections at Kechun in Kambia.

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Civil Servants Caring for Parties than Country Have No Place in Sierra Leone!!

By N'Bompa Turay (09/07/17)

In Sierra Leone, many civil servants, who are supposed to be above politics by serving any government honestly, are sadly doing otherwise!! Shame on them.

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