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25th June 2018

Zainab Campaigns on Social Justice and Sustainable  Development

By Augustine Koroma S. (11/10/17)

Madam Zainab Hawa Bangura is one of the two ladies vying for the priceless APC flag bearer slot to lead the party to the 2018 elections.


In the past decades, Sierra Leoneans have been getting by with the trend of life in Sierra Leone's political, social and economic aspects. The requisite dynamics of overall ways to effect change that the President Ernest Bai Koroma has made in the transformation of our country call for a befitting replacement. The person among the numerous aspirants to carry the APC flag on March 17, 2018 presidential election must have the competence and capacity to "build bridges instead of walls" for a direct power transfer within the party. (Photo: APC flag bearers Zainab and Bonoh Sisay).

Haja Zainab Hawa Bangura, in my opinion, stands as the person that can effectively and efficiently emulate our revered President when he will have stepped down. ZHB, as she is popularly called, has demonstrated that she is competent and capable to achieve effective and efficient results even in difficult circumstances. Her work over the decades shows that at community, national, sub-regional and international levels. She is nationally acceptable not only because she is a woman of substance but also because of her deeds in the whole of her public life. An asset that the APC and Sierra Leone must be proud of and give the opportunity to contribute as President.

All disciplines of life, including Governance and leadership, in principle, can be taught in class. However, they can best be understood, practised and implemented by life time experiences like those that ZHB possesses. Hence, ZHB in this case has all what it takes to succeed and sustainably continue the legacy of our astute and ever pragmatic leader Sierra Leone has yet produced since Independence.

After EBK, ZHB is next because she has been with and around him as an insurance worker, minister and moral guarantor for her recent UN job. She has all that it takes to represent the APC party as a flag bearer through the 2018 elections for continued and responsible development in Mama Salone .

ZHB has graduated from all levels to vie for the topmost level in the State of Sierra Leone. She has served in important sectors in the country and beyond. In other words, she has made indelible positive imprints both nationally and internationally from the results she has achieved from being born in a humble home in Yonibana to being part of the highest UN political authority. For this reason, we in the ZHB movement arguably say "ZHB of the Almighty APC party is the beacon for the nation's top post".

The "trailblazer" as she was nicknamed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ZHB has passed through different walks of life ranging from the second highest position in a well established Insurance Firm (corporate world), a social activist, the founder of WOMEN (Women Organized for a Morally Enlightened Nation, campaigned for the first democratic elections after 30 years in this country, through the elections that saw the NPRC military junta out of power. ZHB is the founder of Campaign for Good Governance (CGG).

She was a leading player for the peace which many politicians take political capital from today. Madam Zainab was going village after village collecting testimonies for the Special Court in Sierra Leone. Our leader to be campaigned for inclusion, transparency and accountable governance to the level that brought her forming the National Accountability Group in 2004, the Sierra Leone chapter of Transparency International, contributing immensely to the passing into law the Anti Corruption Act (2008).

In addition to the above accolades, she has served many institutions around the globe. ZHB in 2005-2007 was in Liberia with the UN Mission (UNMIL) as a Director of Civil Affairs, a position which under her supervision 17 ministries and more than 30 National Institutions within Liberia and also pushed accelerated economic recovery in Liberia.

In 2007, she served President Ernest Koroma as Foreign Minister till after 3 years when she was sent to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation for another restructuring in that ministry. As Foreign Affairs Minister, she was the chief architect of both bilateral and multilateral ties with other countries including major Middle East and Latin America countries. Madam Zainab on the other hand, as a Minister of Health and Sanitation improved health service delivery including structures and infrastructure in the maternal and infant care.

For her remarkable performance in executing her duties, she was named as one of the most performing Ministers in Sierra Leone by Sierra Leone citizen's Score card. Also cited as one of the health leaders in 2012 by Harvard University. To her credit, she holds honorary Doctorate degrees from distinguished universities. In 2014 ZHB was named as one of the Foreign Policy magazine's 100 leading global thinkers. Again in 2015, she was one of New Africa magazine's 100 most influential Africans. In 2016, she was awarded the Hillary Rodham Clinton award for women in peace and security.

As the ancient Chinese proverb says "Women not only hold up half the sky, they also shape the world".

For all the above reasons, we in the ZHB movement (Dansogoia/Tonkolili) say, please EBK, together with the APC NAC, give us Madam Haja Zainab Hawa Bangura as your successor to accomplish your/our treasured national contributions as the leading party of Sierra Leone.

Long Live Sierra Leone, Long Live A. P. C. Party, Long Live HE Ernest Bai Koroma, Long Live the A. P. C. Membership, and Long live ZHB and her Movement.


1958 -1980


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