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25th June 2018

APC Aspirant Cautions National Advisory Council to Choose Wisely!

By John Bono Sisay (09/10/17)

APC aspirant John Sisay's article is naturally meant for the Sierra Leone electorates and the APC National Advisory Council in particular.


We face a momentous choice in this election. The decision we make will shape the destiny of our country for years to come. (Photo: John Bono Sisay with his lovely family).

The central question before us is who is best placed to build the modern, dynamic and inclusive economy we need to create shared prosperity, generate good jobs and fund services for our people.

A unique opportunity to transform our nation is within our grasp. We can go forwards and build a Betteh Salone. We can improve the lives of millions of people if we pick a leader with a track record of business success, who has bold ideas, understands how to win in a changing world and can deliver results. Or we can go back to the past and put all that we have achieved at risk.

The same is true for the APC. At this election, we have a chance to show what kind of party we are. Those of us who have dedicated our entire political lives to the APC and were first drawn into politics by the inspirational power of the party’s values are bound together by a fervent desire to build a better, fairer, more just Sierra Leone where no-one is left behind.

It is because of this that the people of Sierra Leone have looked to us for leadership when times are difficult or the stakes are high. At this election, we have a chance to renew the people’s trust in us by showing once again that we are not like other parties and that our principles are not just slogans but enduring values we live by.

Our country and our party are at a crossroads. We can pick the same faces, the same answers and the same kind of politician the public are tired of. Or we can choose a leader who can cement the President’s legacy and is APC to his core but can reach out to new supporters and bring real change. Who has a strong vision, bold ideas and a clear plan. Who has the business experience to deliver results and make a real difference to people lives. Who keeps his promises. And who will listen.

The last few years have shown what we can achieve. The world is changing and the power is in our hands. Let’s come together to grasp this opportunity and together start building a Betteh Salone.

N/B: The Organiser newspaper publisher/editor,  like all other APC members, believes in the rational judgement of the NAC, when it comes to the election or selection as the case may be, of the party flagbearer candidate. Hopefully, the almighty NAC would choose the right candidate as always, to lead the APC to victory come March 2018 general elections in Sierra Leone. 


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