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12th December 2017

Has President Koroma Shortlisted his 3 Favourites APC Aspirants?

By a press release (07/10/17)

President Ernest Koroma who is also the APC Chairman and Leader has reportedly shortlisted three flag bearer aspirants for the APC slot.


Reliable sources say the Chairman and Leader of the All People's Congress (APC) shortlisted three flag bearer aspirants after consultations at his Hill Station Lodge on Thursday 28 September, 2017. (Photo: President Koroma and his Vice Victor Foh, one of his favourites he would like to succeed him).  

President Koroma reportedly made his decision to shortlist his favourite flag bearer aspirants but it now remains with the powerful National Advisory Council NAC to endorse the president's men.

Electing or selecting the APC party presidential candidate for the forthcoming general elections in March 2018 is the hot topic in the APC now contested by very competent politicians. The three following names continue to resurface as time goes on:

1. Joseph F. Kamara, Attorney General and Minister of Justice;
2. John Binoh Sesay, Former CEO Sierra Rutile;
3. Victor Bockarie Foh, Vice President.

The Chairman and Leader has called on all aspirants to work together to secure victory for the APC come the March 3, 2018 general and presidential elections in Sierra Leone. There are 18 confirmed politicians vying for the coveted slot including two women Zainab Bangura and Marie Yansaneh. 


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Advice to Mr. President as March 7, 2018 Elections Draw Nearer!

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Mr. President, I write to inform you about the way you have ruled this country some ten years ago.

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The Authoritarian Political Impulses and the Need for Real Change!

By Yusuf Bangura (07/12/17)

I define an authoritarian impulse as an urge to submit, or compel others to submit, blindly to authority.

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