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23rd July 2018

FBC Cries Get Louder as President Koroma Abandons his University!

By a press release (07/10/17)

Fourah Bay College, first university in West Africa, lies in ruins with bad roads, insufficient infrastructure for students and lecturers!


The road leading to FBC campus is the first feel commuters experience to indicate the impoverishment and lack of maintenance that has punctured the once glorius Fourah Bay College, the Athens of West Africa. (Photo: FBC continues to be an eyesore).

In a startling press release from the Secretary FBC Alumni Association, it clearly asks why President Ernest Bai Koroma, the first FBC product to become Sierra Leone's Head of State, has not lived up to expectation to refurbish a sordid and dilapidated FBC college to international standard.

This is the FBC release by Teddy Foday-Musa published verbatim: My heart bleeds when I drive my car on our dilapidated Fourah Bay College road - full of potholes and dents.

I ask myself, where is Ernest Bai Koroma? - the first ever student of our FBC to become President of our nation, the commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the President behind the implemented "orders from above", the much-admired political god-father for infrastructural development, yet the college and university that contributed towards his education, lies in ruin with bad roads, and insufficient infrastructure for students and lecturers.

At our recent 190th celebration, I was one of the speakers and spoke on behalf of my Alumni President who was out of the country. In my speech, I pleaded with FBC Alumni for their personal contribution to our college. H. E. Ernest Bai Koroma was in attendance. The corner stone of my appeal was to motivate and ignite the commitment of H.E Ernest Bai Koroma towards his college, our college - FBC.

My expectation was that he will pledge or donate to improving our FBC before leaving the program. But alas, he left without even inviting the Alumni executive to see him, as tradition demands meeting a new executive to motivate them.

Mr. President and fellow Alumnus, please have a rethink with regards your personal contribution towards your college - FBC. Our college road is in a very bad state of condition. The frequent vehicular accident on this road is on the increase.

The risk of driving on this road, is a panic for drivers that can translate into a fatal road accident. Please do something now to remedy the bad state of our FBC road. Also remember that your action on this, will be an added value to your nationwide infrastructural governance policy.

Courtesy: Teddy Foday-Musa, Secretary FBC Alumni Association.

N/B: The Organiser newspaper cannot fathom why Education Minister Dr. Minkailu Bah, the longest serving minister in one ministry under APC, should be at the helm when things continue to fall apart at FBC!! 


1958 -1980


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